Top Cars for City Living


Many people donít associate cars with city living anymore. Instead, such people would rather take the bus, an Uber, or avoid the roads entirely and hop aboard the underground or subway. Some may even choose to climb onto their bicycles instead also. In the end, thereís a lot of choice, and the drawbacks of heavy traffic in city centres, and the environmental toll cars have, is enough to put many people off using a car in the cityscape.

However, some automobiles are perfect for city living, and defy even the most ardent critics. Many of these vehicles are widely available from companies like Unbeatablecar, offering them up at affordable prices. Consequently, here are some of the best city cars for your consideration below.

Volkswagen Up

Driving through the city is made worse when youíre at the wheel of a big and bulky vehicle. Every turn of the wheel feels strenuous and weighted, and when youíre navigating down tight alleyways and smaller streets, the whole process of driving can be nothing short of a nightmare. The larger cars feel clunky, cumbersome, and irritating beyond measure.

However, the Volkswagen Up fixes this issue simply by being small and compact. Of course, itís too simple to say that city cars are good because theyíre small! Still, the Volkswagen Up doesnít sacrifice power for size, as the car has an added turbocharger to its 1.0-litre engine. Itís just what the city dweller needs; a modest motor in size to be sure, but one that is also perfectly capable in speed and handling.

Toyota Aygo

Few car lists are completed without the Toyota brand popping up somewhere. However, what makes the Toyota Aygo so appealing is its focus on safety. After all, the cityscape is notorious for knocks, scrapes and horrifying examples of bad driving and near misses. Tensions are high and patience are thin, and frankly ignorance is rife. 

However, the Toyota Aygo comes equipped with a bevy of innovative safety features; pre-collision systems, lane departure alerts, hill-start assist control (HAC) and tyre pressure warning systems to name a few. Itís detailed, itís technologically impressive, and it keeps the driver attentive and alert. For the temperamental city drivers, this just might be the car thatís needed to keep them safe, calm and focused.

Vauxhall Viva

Itís time to the crown the list topper, and the Vauxhall Viva has that honour. While the other city cars listed are both very worthy of their owners, itís the last entry here that really offers the most. Itís spacious and flexible with plenty of luggage space and smartphone capabilities but doesnít overwhelm other road users or cause complications in tight spaces. Put simply, itís everything one could want in a city car; itís fun and itís secure.

In terms of safety, the Vauxhall Viva has most of what the Toyota Aygo offers, and possibly a little bit more too. This car edges out the competition slightly with six different airbags, fog lamps with auto-activated cornering lights, and impressive anti-lock braking. Drivers can also opt in to driver assistance systems, with rear parking devices that alert the driver to nearby objects.

Image Credits: Cars from Sofiaworld /Shutterstock