Top 6 Best Garage Storage Systems

Red tool box in a garage.

Letís face it, and no one likes clutter inside their garage! But the irony here is that many people tend to dump their clutter inside the garage in hopes that no one will see it. While this can work for a bit, over time, the items you throw into the garage will increase, and it will be harder to navigate through the objects and the room.

To completely avoid this mess and increase storage space, it is best to invest in some garage storage systems, which are an investment that keeps giving. These storage systems can either overhead or floor ones, but either way, they benefit the person using them to the max.

Plastic Freestanding Garage Cabinet

This garage cabinet is versatile, dependable, and affordable, which is why it is best known. It comes with three sturdy shelves and a durable resin exterior. These sturdy shelves can hold up to 75 pounds, and the entire cabinet has a capacity of 19 cubic feet. This type of cabinet can be kept in the corner of the garage, and it can be filled to the brim with items that can be separately stored on different shelves.

This way, you can remember which item you kept on which shelf. Since this provides a lot of storage space, your house will be free of clutter and look much cleaner than before. This cabinet will keep your objects organized and neat without creating a mess.

E-Z Glide Tote Slide Overhead Garage Storage System

This tote is defined as the best storage above garage door, which has multiple benefits. This can be installed overhead to make more use of floor space and declutter the area. Since this tote will be overhead, it will protect the items from getting destroyed by any moisture.

Everybody knows that the main problem with floor cabinets is that moisture can get into the cracks and destroy the items inside, such as any tools that can be rusted. With this tote, those problems are no more. This is relatively easy to install and looks extremely well organized since it leaves zero wasted space. Since it is above the garage door, the totes are out of street view, which means no one from the outside can see that they are inside filled with items. They are also made of high-quality steel, so they are definitely worth the money!

NewAge Products Pro Series 7 Piece Complete Storage System

This storage system is made with high-quality products and designed for both style and maintenance. This storage system is extremely versatile since it comes with all kinds of storage options from drawers, cabinets, and even a work surface if you want to put something you use often. Since it is made with thick steel and coated with industrial paint, it can withhold scratches and dents, making it extremely durable.

Moreover, you can customize this system according to your preference; this can include a number of cabinets, paint color and finish. We would recommend investing in this garage system to better store items so they do not get stuck in a mess.

Seville Classics 5-Tier Steel Wire Shelving with Wires

Seville Classics, consider wire stockpiling racks as a flexible instrument, which you can use to improve your way of life and get more gainful. Keeping that in mind, here are a couple of imaginative thoughts for wire racking that go past customary stockpiling.

This storage system has industrial level steel and casters for easy transportation. It is relatively slim in size (30 inches), so it is easily placed in the corner but has a length of 60 inches, making it big enough to store all kitchen or garage goods inside safely. Since it has an open and spacious design, it can be placed anywhere without taking too much space. This is perfect for those who want storage but also do not want to take up much space.

Wall Control Galvanized Steel Horizontal Pegboard Rack

These pegboard storage racks are perfect for those who want to store small items such as tools somewhere without making clutter inside the garage. These steel pegboards offer around 7 square feet of storage; this means that even though you can declutter small objects, the bigger items are still left outside. This is beneficial to invest in if you have a problem losing small items and have problems with never finding them in a mess. Moreover, this also has a plus side of being extremely cheap compared to other storage options such as overhead or cabinets. It is said that steel pegboards have ten times the capacity of a non-steel pegboard, which is extremely beneficial for customers.

Craftsman 2000 Series 5-Drawer Steel Rolling Tool Cabinet

This cabinet is better known for its convenience in portability alongside the ability to hold small objects. It can hold 100 pounds inside it, and even though it may look small, it is quite spacious from the inside. Since it is relatively small in size, it can be stored in a small space; it is perfect for storing small tools that may be lost amidst a big clutter. It also has a unique ball-bearing design, which makes it so much smoother to open and close.

Moreover, since it has wheels attached to it, customers can easily pull it to any garage side, which has extra space. It even has 15 Guage Steel to protect the items inside from getting scrapped and ultimately ruined.


From this list, we can see that each storage option has benefits of its own, whether extra storage or better space management. In our opinion, it is best to invest in that storage that best serves your purpose; if you require small storage space for tools and small items, then you should invest in the smaller capacity ones. That being said, the best storage above the garage door is the most effective and efficient option. This saves your belongings from getting destroyed by mold or moisture, makes space inside the garage, has the most storage capacity, and overall is the better solution for all your storage problems.