Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Luxury SUV

If you’re in the market for a new car and you’re not quite sure in which direction to turn, the sheer amount of makes, models and body types can prove daunting. Considering the global obsession with making everything smaller and more compact, you might overlook an SUV (sports utility vehicle) when deciding on what car to look for next, but there are plenty of reasons why a luxury SUV should be at the top of your list.

1. The Size

This might seem a disadvantage to some, but for large families, the sheer size of a typical luxury SUV can prove advantageous. An SUV can fit up to seven people – possibly even more if there are small children factored into the equation. There will also be a healthy amount of space in the boot for luggage. This makes the SUV the perfect family holiday vehicle. There should even be enough space for the family dog!

2. The Handling

SUVs are designed to handle a range of difficult driving conditions, which means the handling is often second-to-none. Whether it’s pouring down with rain or snow, or you need to use a rural path that a generic estate car would struggle to navigate, most SUVs are either four-wheel or all-wheel drive, which means they are able to handle the kind of terrain that smaller cars would baulk at.

3. The Power

With the power of such a weighty vehicle, you’ll also be able to carry a trailer or even a boat behind you if you so desire. The average SUV can tow over 2500 pounds and many are designed with towing capabilities built in.

4. The Mileage

Conventional wisdom might suggest that SUVs are ‘gas guzzlers’ that get terrible miles to the gallon. This, however, isn’t necessarily true. Hybrid SUVs like the Ford Escape offer tall the benefits of a hybrid engine and are large enough to house those engines without sacrificing on storage space. A more compact SUV like the Land Rover Discovery could also be an option.

5. The Safety

Perhaps the most popular reason for many families investing in an SUV is the extra level of safety. As the car is heavier, it is more likely to survive a nasty crash or collision and the taller seating means you can generally see further over the wheel. Even thoughSUV safety is generally only slightly better than smaller vehicles, there is also the added psychological security it provides.

An SUV is an incredibly versatile vehicle that can be all things to all people. Whether you want to buy one right from the forecourt at Peter Vardy or go the second-hand route, we highly recommend it’s an option you at least consider.

Image Credits: Luxury SUV from Fahroni/Shutterstock

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