Top 10 Car Accessories in 2020

Car Accessories

It almost seems like every time you turn around there’s a new gadget designed to compliment the technology that came with your car. Most of these products probably won’t ever live up to the hype.

That being said, there are some really hot things on the market that you might want to take a second look at. Imagine yourself using any of these ten classy automotive accessories and see if you can find a few you couldn’t ever live without.

1. Heads-up Displays

While they’re probably out of the price range of most drivers, a high-quality heads-up display can help you keep your eyes on the road and prevent you from getting distracted by a bunch of dials sitting on your dashboard. These handy gadgets project all of your vehicle’s important details directly onto the image you see of the road ahead. Some cars now include them as stock features, which means you might already be driving with one and not even know it.

2. Automotive Covers

For something a little more down-to-earth, you might want to try a CarCover. These handy items can help to protect your vehicle whenever it’s not stored in a garage. Depending on how high-end of an automobile you drive, you might even want to cover it while it’s inside. This is a particularly good idea for anyone who has a carefully waxed exterior and wants to protect it against any dust or other debris that might end up landing on it while it’s inside. People who own sports cars have long used these covers to help protect them, but there’s no reason that you won’t want to use it on a more traditional family vehicle as well.

3. Smart Radar Detectors

Radar detectors have traditionally gotten more publicity due to their legal issues than the technology they incorporate. That being said, many of these problems have been sorted out and engineers have celebrated by adding new onboard computers and connectivity features that can help you know more about local radar conditions than you might have ever wanted to.

4. New Car Keys

You probably don’t think much about the keys that you use to start your vehicle, but chances are that many features have been added to them since your vehicle was made. Getting a new car key is also a good idea if you’ve lost or damaged the spare that came with your car.

5. Night Vision Systems

More than likely, you already have some kind of camera that activates when you back your vehicle up. Night vision systems use the same technology to project a light-enhanced image of the road ahead of you onto a small screen mounted on your dashboard.

6. Aftermarket Car Antennas

Consider a powered active antenna if your car stereo can’t receive your favorite FM stations very well.

7. Dedicated FM Transmitter

Depending on the type of car stereo you have, you might want to invest in a more modern dedicated FM transmitter so you can stream podcasts and music right from your smartphone to your in-car entertainment system. Newer transmitters include a dedicated connectivity circuit that can connect to your device via Bluetooth technology.

8. Bluetooth Tire Inflation Sensors

Drivers who are serious about tech will also want to install a couple of these handy gadgets. They can make sure that your tires wear evenly and even worn you if your tires start to lose pressure. This is great for those who put a ton of miles on each set of tires they invest in.

9. Fast USB Chargers

Motorists who invest in all of this tech need a way to maintain it. Fast chargers use special switching power supplies to convert the energy from your vehicle’s electrical system and charge your batteries faster than you ever thought possible.

10. Backseat Car Organizers

While it might seem like a considerably lower tech solution than most of these, there are now a number of organizers that fit right on the back of your car seats and give you extra space for all of those other accessories that you no doubt will be collecting.