Tips To Sell A Car Instantly

Sell A Car

There are times in life when you may have to sell your old car quickly. Sudden fund crunch or financial crisis, shift to some other city or country, or family decides to replace the old car are a few reasons, here you can read How to sell my car instantly. Selling a used car when you have enough time in hand is not so challenging but if the decision needs immediate action the matter can be stressful.

Lack of time may persuade you to accept less than your expected price. Again, there are several other aspects including documentation for change of title and change of insured that doesn’t happen instantly. However, the online second-hand car market has eased all these jobs including price negotiation. The AI and data science-driven online platforms take much of the responsibility on your behalf helping you get the best possible price for your car.

How to sell a car – important tips for accomplishing the job successfully

Prepare and inspect all documents first

Most important personal documents you need to arrange at time of selling the car are as follows:

  • Original PAN card and a self-attested copy
  • Address proof in original and a self-attested copy of the address proof
  • Two self-attested passport size recent photograph

Better you keep these documents and photocopies ready and properly filed.

Important RTO related documents are as follows:

  • Keep the original of the registration certificate or RC ready along with a few photocopies of the same. Remember, your name in the RC should be as per your identity proof (PAN card). If the RC is lost stolen, do an FIR immediately and apply for a duplicate RC.
  • Keep the pollution under control certificate (PUC) up to date and ready.
  • Keep the insurance papers handy. Go through the certificate and ensure all information are right and up to date. Also, ensure that your name and address is right in the document.

Besides, the original car invoice, user manual, and duplicate car keys ready for reference. Though these are optional, if available, file them properly for ready-reference. After the oral negotiation few other documents are prepared like the sale affidavit and clearance certificate. If you are willing sell car online, experts of the online platform and take all responsibilities is filing all necessary documents of both parties. These platforms define list of top selling cars in India.

Repair all necessary parts and aspects

Remember, no one wants to buy a damaged car. Even if there are few scratches on the body, the buyer wants to negotiate at a lower price. When a buyer comes to see your car, the first impression needs to be impressive. Fix every little scratch and dent, clean the doors and windows, and vacuum the seats. Check the machinery parts with a professional mechanic and ensure all are tuned up. If there is any problem with the lights and locks, repair those immediately. Think from a buyer’s perspective. What aspects of a second-hand car will get your attention? Repair and inspect all those aspects accordingly.

Set a rational price for your car

The price of your car at which you want to sell determines how the buyers will respond. If you want to stand out in the crowd of hundreds of other used car owners in the second-hand car market, you need to be rational in setting the price tag. Estimate the value of the car with the help of an expert in this field. You can visit the best site to sell caronline and ask them to evaluate the value of your car. A reputed online second-hand car selling platform arranges Orange Book Value (OBV) for your car. OBV is the most trusted ricing benchmark tool in India.

So, these are the three important tips that you should follow to the point to sell a used car. Just keep in mind that the buyers in the second-hand car market come to buy high performing cars not damaged ones.

Sell online any car effortlessly

Online vehicle dealing platforms have brought thousands of sellers and buyers under one roof. If you are in a hurry to sell your old car or any other vehicle at a reasonable price, the promptness and professionalism of reputed online platforms are unparalleled in the market. They take all responsibilities right from car value assessment to change of ownership documents letting you concentrate on your personal and professional responsibilities.