Tips to Defog Your Windscreen on Those Chilly Winter Mornings

Defog Your Windscreen

Winter is coming, folks. Soon enough, the cherished hot summer days will give way to those frosty mornings, and those frosty mornings will spawn all the foggy windshields. Now, that’s the last thing we want. We need max visibility on the roads.

Especially if the roads are icy, and it’s already foggy, the last predicament any reasonable driver needs to deal with is a foggy windshield that makes the rest of the world look like an incomprehensible blur. The foggy windshields are the direct result of the humidity building up in our cars and forming condensation on the windows as a result. That’s just a recipe for disaster. No thank you. So, how do we rapidly go about ensuring our car windshields stay crystal clear on the fast-approaching foggy mornings?

Use that aircon.

Many of us have been wrongly led to believe that our cars’ air conditioners only need to be used on the hot summer days when we’re blinded by the heat, and just trying to cool the whole fiery showdown. This is not the case. Our cars’ air conditioners can be used alongside our cars’ heaters to work against the buildup of water vapor in our cars’ cabins. Leaving the car’s air conditioner on with the car’s heater at a bearable temperature is effective at clearing those foggy windshields.

Try the car’s demister.

The demister is a function available in most modern-day cars. The demister does a great job at clearing the windscreen of condensation, through employing the air conditioner and the fan to push all that warm air onto the windshield. These state of the art climate control systems will additionally open the car’s vent to suck fresh air into the cabin, engaging the heater to warm the cold windshield glass as well. Warm, dry glass remains free of condensation much longer than cold glass!

Oh no, the climate control system is malfunctioning!

Life loves to throw us those curveballs when we’re just trying to make it through another day, relatively smoothly. If a driver finds themselves staring at the unfortunate face of a climate control system that’s just not having a good day, it’s time to assess viable car insurance options. Before you’re able to get the car into the shop though, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to clear that condensation yourself.

Keeping some towels or a clean rag handy will pay off big time in these moments. Once you’ve taken care of that, it’s time to seek out car insurance options. With the right online tool, it can actually be fun tocompare car insurance.The roads don’t have time for reckless drivers trying to ignore the threatening reality of foggy windshields! There’s going to be a cheap car insurance option out there somewhere to handle the issue!

Roll that window down.

It seems too simple to be true, but hey, it actually works. We can become so reliant on using our cars’ climate control systems that we forget all those systems are doing is just repeatedly recirculating the cabin air. This will work in due time, but the process can be sped up my rolling the window down, and letting all the moisture that has accumulated back outside. The fresh air entering the cabin might be chilly, but it’ll actively work against the windshield fogging back up.

Keep that beautiful ride nice and clean.

Perhaps the best way to prevent the windows from fogging often is to keep the actual car clean as well. The oils and dust and other contaminants that naturally accumulate on the windshield under the natural passing of time, need to be cleaned off. Otherwise, they serve as a terribly effective aid for water vapor to more easily build up on the windshield and make the windshield that much foggier. Before throwing any additives on the car’s windshield to ward off window fogging, it’s important to check the car’s manual to see whether it lists any additives to avoid.