Things You Need to Know About Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance

Any aircraft cannot work properly with proper maintenance. A good aircraft mechanic knows the importance of regular maintenance. It makes sure that the aircraft is free from any life-threatening problems and also makes sure that it is operational. If you are looking for aircraft management software and solutions then you can contact Aviation InterTec. In this article, we are going to share some things that you need to know about aircraft maintenance.

Regular Inspection

It is really important to have a regular inspection of your plane each year. But if your plane carries passengers too then have an additional inspection after 100 hours of flight. It is really important for the safety of the crew and passengers. Moreover, an aircraft costs a ton of money and the owner does not want to lose it. Some of the planes are used for heavy uses. These kinds of planes or aircraft should have progressive inspections. There are some components in the aircraft that need different maintenance schedules. For example, an emergency locator should be checked every 12 months, and transponders and altimeters should be checked every 24 months. Because these components cannot be tested during annual inspection.

Goals of Maintenance

What are the goals of the maintenance? is a common question. Well, there are lots of components in an aircraft that can go bad with time. The main goal is to make sure that these components are working fine for the safety of the pane. It is the way to find out the faulty parts before flying it. Moreover, it is the time to make any modifications to the crafts. Aircraft are just like any vehicle that needs maintenance after some time.

Component Maintenance

The main goal of this maintenance is to make sure all the components are working fine to prevent any failure. Every component has a life span but there is a possibility that they can fail before. A regular maintenance will help increase the life of a component. There are three methods of preventive maintenance. One of the most cost-effective is a hard time. Once a component reaches its determined lifespan the mechanic replaces it. While in functional maintenance, if the component is operational then the mechanic does not replace it. There are many steps involves in the whole process.

Structural Maintenance

Just like the components, the structure can also damage through standard use and age. Most of the structural damages occur during the maintenance process. That is why; a mechanic should inspect the structure too for any damage.

Importance of Maintenance

An aircraft carries many people while flying including crew members and passengers. These routine inspections, repairs, and checks can save lives. Moreover, it makes sure that the plane can fly safely and the pilot can fly it with peace of mind. Regular maintenance is most important if the aircraft is a passenger plane. There are many accidents occur in the past due to poor maintenance by the aircraft owners. So, always make sure that all the components are working fine.

Image credit: Aircraft Maintenance via aapsky/Shutterstock