The Technology Behind Car Security Systems

Car Security

Cars are expensive things to buy and maintain. Depending on the model, some of them can cost more to buy than a house. Such a valuable asset has originated an entire market dedicated to the safety and security of vehicles. If you don’t want to see your many thousands of dollars spirited away by a thief, you should consider a security system for cars to protect your investment. Understand how they work in this article.

Saving Your Wallet

Security systems tend not to be cheap. Still, a security system will hardly be more expensive than your car. The whole car security market is based upon this logic. Globally, this market is expected to generate a revenue of US$10.75 billion this year alone. Security solutions range from low-profile devices to some very sophisticated technology. Here are some of the most common options.


Locks are as effective as they’re simple. You can apply locks on the steering wheels, tire and rim. While the latter options are less common, steering wheel locks are very popular. They’re easy to operate, and thieves are likely to carry on looking for easier prey once they see it, as most car thefts are ‘opportunist’ crimes.


Car alarms involve some more complex technology. For starters, it requires a professional for its installation. Alarms are effective in scaring thieves away. Some advanced models offer the option of remote starting and opening the doors without keys.


Know where your car is, all the time. If you react quickly, thieves won’t even have time to do anything with it. Those devices are usually easy to install, and insurance companies can give you discounts if you have one.

Kill Switches

Kill switches shut down the ignition system on demand. Once the kill switch is on, it’s impossible to start the car, even meddling with electric wires. Installing those switches isn’t easy, though. It will cause some other notable changes to your vehicle: you’ll no longer use keys, for instance. You’ll have to use a remote button or a smartphone, depending on your choice.

Steering Away from Thieves

Taking care of a car doesn’t always have to be expensive. In fact, common sense typically comes for free. There are simple and effective ways of keeping your vehicle safer. For instance, make sure your windows and doors are locked when you park. It’s also advisable to look for secure areas to park in, when possible.

Above all, never lose sight of your keys. Even if you’re only leaving the vehicle for a few minutes, bring it with you. Thieves are likely to look for it on the tire, and other places, before stealing it. You can also minimize your loss in the unfortunate case of theft. Don’t leave valuable belongings in it, such as laptops, musical instruments, or anything that can attract attention.


It’s always advisable to get extra protection for your car, whenever possible. It can prevent significant losses, not to mention the headache a theft can cause. So, picking a car security system is way better than choosing none, even if your car is insured.