The Rise Of Electric Cars And New Trends In The Auto Industry


In 2019, auto-industries enriched with technology are changing the way consumers feel about electric cars. With new innovations each year, these industries are paving the way for more than 222 million licensed drivers to feel safer both on and off the road. Electric cars offer the opportunity for scientists and engineers to show how cars can operate. As cities expand and populations rise, there is an effect on the patterns of land usage, public budgets, urban social life and jobs.

Each of those facts impacts the functionality that new cars on the market should have. As more people have taken to the road on bikes, electric cars like Volvo have produced tech that “monitors the vicinity” of a vehicle” in comparison to other cars and cyclists. Since then, more developments have been created, helping to reduce emissions and the amount of natural resources that affect global warming.  

The Difference Between Electric Cars And Gas Cars

Electric cars (EVs) are a big transition for traditional car users. The major difference between electric cars and gas cars is the amount of money you can save. Although it’s imperative that you service your car every few thousand miles, “changing the engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, and belts can add up in value over time.” Electric cars do not have the same internal structure, which makes their monthly or yearly upkeep less expensive. That is not to say you won’t have to do work to your car, but there are more benefits. Electric cars are designed to work hard using battery power. With proper car maintenance, you should expect to replace your battery when needed, as opposed to dealing with more than five services at a time as your car ages. 

The Latest Innovations And Trends

Ford, one of many long-standing trustworthy auto-industries in the U.S, offers both hybrid and electric cars. While hybrid does not have the same impact as an electric car, it can also be a great way to start getting into EVs. Their top selling EV, Focus Electric, will be re-imagined and changed in the next year. As their first electric car, this EV has fast charging capabilities that can be monitored via their mobile app, “MyFord”. In a time when IoT and application usage is popular, this tool makes it easier to keep track of your vehicle at all times. The company also lists SYNC, a system that can control the vehicle’s functions, whether it’s music or navigation through your voice. In addition to Ford, Chevrolet also has a line of hybrid and electric cars. The Chevrolet Bolt EV will provide a new range of features this year. Not only will it include an auto-sensing system that will automatically shift the car to park when the door is open, but also offer new touchscreen capabilities that can adjust heating and cooling in the car. There will be more enhanced features to come as well.

Electric cars can help millions to reduce their carbon footprint, helping not only their cities, but also the overall pollution rates around the world