The Power of a Proper Tune Up in Mesa, AZ

Tune Up

Is a tune-up really something your vehicle needs? In our Mesa, AZ auto repair shop, we often receive questions about what is included in a tune-up, whether or not it is the right investment, and when it needs to be done. The short answer is that a tune-up is a required form of maintenance that your car manufacturer will recommend at various points in your ownership. In some cases, a tune-up is critical if you want to minimize the risks of voiding your warranty.

What Is a Tune-Up Worth to You?

A tune-up provides an overall inspection of your engine and connected systems. There are numerous steps done during this process, including replacing some components recommended by the manufacturer. This is also a good time for a full engine inspection. We want to ensure it feels right, has no leaks, and is operating at its best.

Why do this? There are a variety of key benefits to having a tune-up completed outside of just doing what the manufacturer recommends. Take a look at some of the key benefits of a tune-up for most cars.

Improve Your Gas Mileage

Everyone likes to save a bit of money. A tune-up can help you to do that. Over time, you may feel your gas mileage has gotten to be less-than-desirable. During a tune-up, we look for problems that could be associated with poor gas mileage to fix them. This could mean ensuring the tires are properly inflated and that the brakes are working properly. These may not seem directly related to your gas mileage, but it typically is a big factor. Of course, we also want to ensure that your engine is working well.

Improving Your Comfort

As a vehicle ages, things within it become loose. Sometimes this can make for a bumpier ride. During a tune-up, we look for areas that may be impacting this. It could come from a loose exhaust system or the need for new fittings. You may need other improvements based on what sounds you’re hearing. By tightening up areas of concern, it is possible to improve not just the durability of those components but also to improve just how smooth your ride is. In short, a tune-up helps to tighten up your vehicle to ensure it is operating at its best.

Repairing Known Problems

Often, a tune-up is a secondary step in repairing known problems. For example, if there is a check engine light on the dash, our first, primary step is to find out why that is on. Making those repairs is necessary to ensure the vehicle’s engine is taken care of as a primary need. If there are other lights on the dash, we want to take a look at those, too. Sometimes, a tune-up will fix these problems as well. For example, a tune-up may address sensors that are not working properly.

If you have a warning light on your dash, do not put off having that repaired. It needs to be a primary step in ensuring the vehicle is safe to use.

A Comprehensive Check-Up Is Essential

The investment in a tune-up is a must for all vehicles over time. It is always a good way to learn about the condition of the car. It’s also an excellent way to prevent bigger problems from happening over time. For example, taking care of the missing rings and tightening up the fittings may help minimize damage to the exhaust system. Just like going into the doctor for an annual checkup, a tune-up is a very good way of spotting concerns before they become big problems. This may help to minimize the risk of having a breakdown. It can ensure you have a good handling of the vehicle for a longer period of time.

What You Can Expect from a Tune-Up

When you come into our Mesa, AZ auto repair shop for any type of service, including a tune-up, we’ll take an overall look at your vehicle’s engine. We will look for exhaust leaks and determine if there are any reported problems from the ignition through the car’s computer system. We are also going to check:

  • Gaskets
  • Rings
  • Valves
  • Engine leaks
  • Battery life
  • All other recommendations from your manufacturer

Keep in mind that most manufacturers have a specific list of tasks necessary during a tune-up. Our goal will be to know what those tasks are and to ensure they are completed as recommended. We follow the steps and procedures necessary to maintain your warranty and to follow your car manufacturer’s recommendations.

You may not like the idea of having to have a tune-up completed. It is a bit of a cost and it can take some time. Yet, it will save you time and preserve the life of your car every time. For most vehicle owners, this makes it well worth the investment. Best of all, it improves the driving quality of your vehicle. You can feel good about taking your car out on the road again with the help of a tune-up. To learn more about how Borst Automotive can help you, call us for your next Mesa, AZ auto repair. You can trust us to provide exceptional service.