The most popular American classic car models

American classic car

Devoted classic car lovers value the uniqueness they get with every new vehicle purchase. Usually, they can easily recognize valuable models by only hearing the name and distinguish their exact specifications. Besides, collectors who are just starting their journey may have pretty basic questions.

Hence, the ones who want to get to know the world of classic cars way much better have to start from the very beginning. Nowadays, various car manufacturers exist, but only a few are recognized and respected all around the world. The USA has even two giant manufacturers, whose car models became a timeless classic. Every classic car collector knows these two models in and out.

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang is probably one of the most well-known models and every collector realizes the value of this vehicle. In the 1960s the model has reached celebrity status in the USA. The car was advertised in various films, which highly influenced successful sales. Ford Mustang became the best-selling car since the launch of Model A.

Due to high demand, the manufacturer decided to produce more Ford Mustang models. Hence, today we have a sufficient amount of well-preserved cars. If you are dreaming about a classic chic Ford Mustang, were is presumably nothing that can stop you from getting one. Ford Mustang for sale could be found not only in the USA but even in some smaller European countries. Worth noticing that recently Electric Ford Mustang March-E was introduced to the public.

Studebaker Avanti

Another important American manufacturer who has highly contributed to the current world of classic cars is Studebaker. The Studebaker Avanti was introduced to the public in 1962. Rodger Ward, a well-known American race driver and the winner of the Indianapolis 500, was the first private owner of this model.

Though, after only one year the production was closed. The world had barely five thousand exemplars, which were extremely wanted by numerous influential people. Today, Studebaker Avanti is recognized as a highly luxurious classic car, which is desired by devoted classic car collectors.

Why are these cars valued?

Commonly, these cars weren’t available for a lot of people at the time. Hence, people who had cars were perceived as different. Also, manufacturers produced only a small amount of cars, which make them even harder to find and even more desirable today.  Due to the rareness and good quality, classic cars became a timeless classic, and their price rises every single year.