The Best Synthetic Oil Brands in 2020 Ranked

The best synthetic motor oil brands ranked

If you want your car to run efficiently, then you must choose the right brand of motor oil based on the requirements of your vehicle. The best motor oil, along with regular maintenance, will ensure the longevity of your car while keeping its engine running at full capacity.  So, which synthetic motor oil brand should you use in your vehicle? To help you make the right decision, I have developed this guide.  The following are the best synthetic motor oil brands in 2020 ranked.

5. Shell Rotella T6 Synthetic Motor Oil

This strong and high-performance motor oil will keep your engine in prime shape. Protection against dirt, toxic fumes, pollutants, and other toxins is ensured by the multi-functional and sophisticated dispersant additives of the Rotella T6. Additionally, to reduce overall emissions and minimize fuel consumption, this synthetic motor oil brand features a low-ash additive.


  • Low-ash additives
  • A product of one of the most reputed motor oil brands in the world
  • Ensures excellent fuel efficiency


  • The low quantity of oil for some vehicles

4. Valvoline SynPower Oil

This synthetic motor oil has everything that you would want in a motor oil brand. It is one of the best motor oils in terms of engine protection and lubrication.  The lubricating qualities of this motor oil help to minimize the wear and tear of your vehicle’s engine.  Additionally, it can ensure the right viscosity level even at extremely low temperatures.  Another stand out feature of this motor oil is the anti-wear additives present in it. Lastly, this oil is compatible with turbocharged, supercharged, and naturally aspirated engines.


  • Compatible with most engines
  • Great protection and lubrication qualities
  • Ensures excellent fuel efficiency
  • Anti-wear additives
  • Works in almost all kinds of weather conditions


  • May not perform as expected in some vehicles during the summer

3. Pennzoil Synthetic Motor Oil

If you’re searching for a motor oil brand that can help ensure the hygiene of your car’s engine, then this synthetic motor oil is a great choice. This is because the Pennzoil motor oil is known to clean a vehicle’s engine by up to 40 percent. The ingredients in this motor oil remove the sediment in the motor without any problem. Although the Pennzoil motor oil is not very cheap, the reviews from customers have made me rank it this high on the list.


  • Great compatibility with most engines
  • Performs well in most conditions
  • Super cleans the engine
  • Minimizes the need for engine maintenance


  • Fuel efficiency is not great
  • Expensive than most other synthetic motor oils

2. Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil

The Royal Purple synthetic motor oil is the second best motor oil on my list of the best synthetic motor oil brands. There are a few key reasons it is ranked so high.  First, it has received five-star ratings and impressive reviews from most of the vehicle owners who have used it. It is considered by many to be the best synthetic motor oil brand available today.

Second, this synthetic motor oil meets the performance specifications of Dexos1 and ILSAC GF-5, making it suitable for most vehicles. Lastly, the Royal Purple synthetic motor oil has great compatibility with other kinds of synthetic and mineral oils.


  • Performs well in all temperatures
  • Great engine protection
  • Compatible with other kinds of synthetic and mineral oils
  • Makes engine maintenance easier


  • Higher price than most other synthetic oil brands
  • Works only in gas engines

1.   Castrol Edge Motor Oil

The Castrol Edge motor oil is at the top of the tree. I have chosen it as the best synthetic motor oil brand available today because it is a highly advanced motor oil brand. Titanium technology is used to engineer this motor oil, which allows it to work optimally at high pressures and extreme temperatures. Additionally, friction is greatly reduced in the engine due to this motor oil’s film strength.

This synthetic motor oil from Castrol ensures excellent engine protection and lubrication, and it keeps your vehicle’s engine running efficiently during the winter. Lastly, it is highly compatible with most modern engines.


  • Ensures great fuel efficiency
  • Excellent lubrication properties
  • Optimal engine protections
  • Performs well at high pressures
  • Viscosity remains unchanged in most temperatures


  • May not perform so well at high temperatures in some vehicles

Final Word

While the above list is the result of thorough research, it is not set in stone. I would recommend you to do your own research to find the best synthetic motor oil brand for your vehicle.