The Benefits of Using Automotive Robots

industrial welding robots for automotive assembly line

The automotive industry is highly automated, which has led to tremendous growth—the collaborative automotive robots from Universal play a vital role in developing these industries.  Automotive roots are efficient and accurate; thus, you will ever regret considering them in your industry.

You will enjoy the following benefits when you employ collaborative automotive robots:

 1. Increased Productivity

 UR automated robots will help you to meet the competitive demands. The robots enhance faster inputs at a lower cost. You can add new functionality to your production lines without incurring additional costs.

A single robot can perform all the automated processes in the production line. Robots never get tired, and therefore they can work continuously for high outputs.

2. Flexibility

The automated collaborative roots are flexible and therefore adapts quickly to new assembly lines. The robots can be easily programmed to perform complex automotive operations. These robots are ideal for delicate processes which require precision. The robots are also suitable for dangerous ad tedious tasks which can cause injury to humans.

 3. Consistency

Most of the tasks in the automotive industry require consistency and repetition. Human employees struggle to perform such tasks. The automotive robotic arm performs such jobs with precision and produces high-quality products. The collaborative robotic arm works non-stop and does not commit mistakes.

4. Cost-effective

The collaborative robotic arm from Universal is cost-effective.  The only expense that you will incur is the initial installation cost. Robots do not require monthly salaries; neither do they need medical allowances.

The cost-effective roots improve the output because they work without taking a break. The robots are easy to deploy, and so they help you to meet the consumer’s demand.

5. Workplace Safety

 The automated collaborative arms are safe to work alongside humans.  The joint working ensures consistency and improves the output. Cobots enhance consistency because they work continuously. The robots continue with operations even when humans take a break.

The automated robots can sense the presence of human beings in their working areas. The robots reduce their speed or stop operation altogether until the area is clear. The UR cobots can be deployed to dangerous and dull tasks that the human employee will find challenging to handle. Repetitive tasks which humans find tiring can be effectively handled by the robots.

 6. Precision

Unlike the traditional automation that requires human supervision ad operation, the automotive robots are automated to perform specific tasks with precision. The robots can move from one job to another without human engagement. The automated process ensures that there are no breaks between one task and another. The continuous operation will give a fast return on your investment.

Applications for Automotive Robots

 Universal collaborative robots are fitted with different applications. These applications enable a single robot to perform diverse tasks without supervision. The typical robotic applications are;

 Machine Tending

The collaborative robot arm can tend machines like CNC, injection moulding, press brakes and stamping presses.  The machine managing operation performs the tedious jobs which humans find difficult to perform. Using robots for machine tending reduces the risk of workplace accidents. The free employee can be used to attend to other tasks.

 The UR robots work faster than humans, thus increases production. The tending machines are programmed to reduce their speed when they come into contact with human beings.

 Assembly Application

The robotic arm reduces the assembly time ad increases production. The assembly application produces accurate repetitive assembly process such as screw driving, nut driving and insertion.

Using the UR robots reduces the production time ad workplace injuries. The assembly robot is small-sized, and lightweight can be customised to fit your new production line.

 Quality Inspection

 Universal robotic arm maintains high levels of product quality. The robot performs repetitive tasks consistently and follows the exact pre-defined workflows. The robot performs these repeat tasks with the same precision that cannot be achieved by humans.