Starters Guide to Purchasing Car Accessories

Interior of a prestigious modern black car. Leather comfortable seats and accessories and steering

4×4 vehicles or truck is also known as a 4×4 (4WD) which implies a car system which the engine runs all the 4 wheels equally. Generally, when it comes to trucks and cars, there are normally four types and these include rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, and 4-wheel drive. 

For some car drivers, traction is essential for extreme weather during snow or muddy periods. For others, traction is an issue of speed and handling. Driving a 4×4 wheel vehicle is fun but here are a few 4×4 accessories to check before driving out.


Ask anyone what the most essential part of the 4×4 wheel is, and they will say it is the metal found in front of the car. The metal helps in protecting the driver and the car when faced with an obstacle that could lead to a serious accident.

Air intake snorkel

Preventing an engine from coming in contact with water is the best way to evade water ingress, but if one has to drive through water, it is inevitable. Snorkels reduce the possibility of water penetrating the guts of the engine.

4WD snorkels equally work also helps when driving on a dusty road helping to keep the engine cooler and letting in cleaner air into the engine. Snorkels also work for snowy roads when it gets build up by air intake and the radiator which can be regulated and replaced with quality air that will get to the engine.

Long-range fuel tank

One may far away from a petrol station and out of petrol in a remote area. Driving through rough parts also consumes a lot of fuel. The 4×4 vehicle has an extended tank which is lightweight and strong which allows drivers to drive long distances without any fear. 

Driving around with extra fuel gives drivers peace of mind and the ability to cover pretty long distances. This is another important accessory to check out when doing 4×4 accessories checks.

Dual batteries

For normal scenarios, it is okay to be fine with a single battery but when using a 4WDs winch or putting some extra things in the car like a car fridge, the battery of the car quickly drains. Setting up a dual-charging system will improve such concerns and the extra battery will replace the other one when it gets low.

Making use of electronic devices without necessarily draining the battery makes driving less stressful.

Recovery gear

When driving, the possibility of getting stuck sometimes is inevitable and even harder when there is no real anchor to connect the winch with which leaves the driver bogged and way behind from others. 

Drivers can use an exhaust jack in areas filled with soft sand using the cars engine exhaust to fill up a bag under and increase the 4WD from the ground to slide some sand tracks under that can help to get the car back and running. This technique can work too in areas where there are mud and snow.

Lift jack

A 4WD lift jack is another important tool that helps get part of the vehicle out of the issue. There will be no need for electricity or exhaust fumes as the lift jack can aid in getting the driver out of that situation.