?6 Routes in India That Are Nothing but a Pleasure for Bike Riders

Bike Riders

Everyone knows the gorgeousness of India, and the best way to experience its vast beauty is on a bike. A big handsome motorcycle roaring through various routes can make anyone’s bad day a thing of the past.

At the start of the many bike paths, there are bikes for rent from small local businesses. If you don’t own your own bike, it is better to rent bikes rather than borrow from a friend. Rented motorcycles are insured and both you and your friend can ride at the same time. Although there are times when solitude is the best tonic.   

When you want to escape, maybe work is getting to be a little much, you’ll want to jump on your bike and roar through one of these 6 routes. Leaving your cares behind and enjoying the beauty that is India.

1. Mumbai Goa

This is one of the most famous routes for motorcycles in India and with good reason. Dubbed the National Highway 17 or NH17, the winding road travels west up the coastline of India, connecting Mumbai to Goa.

If this short trip is not enough to satisfy your need for speed, continue up the curved road to Kerala. Each leg of the journey feels as if you are roaring down foreign roads. Enjoy the serene landscapes when riding between October and February.

2. Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu

If you love the heart-pounding excitement of hairpin bends, this route is for you. The scenic hill station of Kolli Hills in Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu is the perfect ride. There are 70 continuous hairpin turns through a tropical hillside. You will pass pineapple farms, the Agaya Gangai Waterfall, and the Ancient Shiva Temple. This is a great weekend getaway and is open year-round.

3. Valparai – Vazhachal Forest

There are breathtaking bike routes in South India as well. One of the best is the Valparai to Vazhachal Forest. You will see many different species of wildlife as part of this route is located in the Anaimalai Tiger Reserve. The lush evergreens and rainforest add to your tropical ride. This route is open year-round.

4. Darjeeling – Sikkim 

This is a beautiful, yet steep route, brings the rider from the east, Darjeeing to the Sikkim, a surreal destination. There is something for the nature-lover and the adventurous along this winding road. The view ofKanchenjunga is another main attraction for this route and can be traveled year-round.  

5.  Delhi – Ranthambore

Depending on the time of year, this route covers Delhi, via Agra, and through Jaipur and up to Ranthambore. Breathtaking views and rowdy roads, this bike route combines the best of two worlds.

Take in the sights of Delhi to Jaipur, to Bikaner, to Jasisalmer, to Jodhpur, to Udaipur and land in Ranthambore. Open November to March

6. Shillong – East Khasi Hills

This northern route starts off in Guwahati and goes through the capital of Meghalaya, then Shillong. It meanders through the wetlands until it drops you off at the beautiful East Kahasi Hills. Enjoy fresh water falls and root bridges along the way.

Traveling through India on a bike is the best way to view this beautiful country. Alone or with a group of friends, the bike paths of India are calling you.

Image Credits:Bike RidersfromAlexander Kirch /Shutterstock