Reasons Your Family Car Needs More Than a GPS Tracking Device

family in car

Your family is your backbone, and you’d never want anything bad happening to them even in your worst nightmare. Unfortunately, the crime in the country is growing rapidly with new and harrowing cases that we get to hear every day. With crime on the rise, there are many possibilities and ways that individuals of your family could get involved in a dangerous situation.  

You and your family members aren’t even safe on roads while driving or being driven. Threats such as road rage, accidents, and goons trying to put your security in jeopardy are on the rise with every passing day. These threats always keep you on the edge of your seats when you know one of your family members is out and about.

It becomes essential to install you’re a GPS tracking device  in your car to ensure smooth travels and to put your worries to rest. However, have you ever thought if a GPS tracking device is enough to cater to all the safety needs of your family? Here are a few ways in which a GPS tracking device doesn’t suffice.

  • Teenagers Being Reckless

We were all reckless and irresponsible when we were teenagers; we can’t expect our teens not to be similar. While you are fast asleep or out of the station, your teen could be sneaking your car out to go for drives. You never know when they’d feel like putting their NFS or PUBG gaming skills to test! Also, teens are smart enough to disable the GPS tracking device before doing this deed. At such instances, a mere GPS tracking device cannot help you as a parent of the teenager.

  • Chauffeur Taking Unfair Advantage

You wouldn’t ever want anything wrong happening to your mother, children or wife, in your absence. For their ease and comfort, you often hire chauffeurs. Coming back to home from late night party or a meeting, that too alone can be dangerous for anyone. You’d think that they are safe with chauffeurs but being too trusting can get you into trouble as well. He might take a detour at any given point or board other passengers and take advantage of the situation.

  • Road Rage and Similar Threats

With the tolerance of Indians going down steadily and road rage increasing rapidly; your family is always at risk! With such a rush, reckless driving is another threat that puts not only them in danger but also others on the road. You never know when your teen or other family member decides to indulge in rash driving or over speeding to get to their destination a tad bit quicker.

  • Car Breakdown

No matter how expensive or latest model your car is, a breakdown is inevitable at some point or another. Your loved one could be passing through a dingy locality, and the car could break down and put their security at stake. In most cases, a GPS tracker is ineffective in tracking the exact position of the vehicle, and phone networks aren’t reliable. A device with advanced technology becomes a dire necessity in circumstances like these.  

How to Avoid Such Risks in Near Future

No matter how much you worry, you can’t always be vigilant and supervise each and everything. You can’t regularly keep track of the whereabouts of your family members by unnecessarily calling them and checking on them. Now we know that mere GPS devices aren’t enough to keep your worries at bay, it becomes essential to equip your vehicle with an all-inclusive product such as KENT CamEye. This device is not only easy to install but also comes with way more features than a GPS device, some of these features are – over speeding alert, two-way inbuilt mic, two-way cameras, face recognition, engine switch on warning and a lot more. With the help of this device, you can ensure that all your worries are put to rest and your family is safe and secure. You can buy the product from Amazon.