Pros & Cons of Buying Japanese Cars

Japanese Cars

There are many nations that are known for manufacturing excellent automobiles. One country that is certainly on the rise is Japan – Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Mazda and Mitsubishi are all brands that are common sight on the roads with each company having a handful of excellent vehicles to choose from.


So, why are Japanese cars an intelligent purchase if you are in the market for a new car. First, Japan has developed a reputation for developing highly reliable and dependable automobiles and this is always a key factor when it comes to deciding between new cars. Japanese cars have won European Car of the Year, International Car of the Year, World Car of the Year and dozens of other awards too.

Another key factor to consider is that Japanese automakers have been pioneering green technologies and this is particularly important with the Government’s proposed ban on petrol and diesel in 2040. Toyota has been at the forefront of this having developed the world’s first mass-produced hybrid – the iconic Toyota Prius. Finally, they have a high resale value so if you purchase one you do not have to worry about losing a large sum through depreciation.


It is clear that Japan manufactures many excellent automobiles and they are a smart investment, but the main drawback is the fact that they can be expensive to purchase. This is because they are so dependable and often feature the latest technology. They have a high resale value compared to other vehicles, so they can also be expensive to purchase in the used car market. If you do opt to enter the used car market, be sure to check the warranty and purchase an extended warranty if the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. You should be able to find affordable warranties for Toyotas and other brands and these are good investments as they can be expensive to repair due to the technology.

Japan has many terrific auto manufacturers and, generally speaking, they are known for developing high-quality, reliable and technologically advanced automobiles. This is important in a time where technology is so key and there is a shift towards eco-friendly vehicles, but it can also mean that Japanese cars can be expensive to purchase both new and in the used car market. The price may deter some motorists, but those that do invest are sure to enjoy driving the vehicle and find it highly dependable.