Nuro R2 : Driverless delivery mode by 2021 in US

Nuro R2 Driverless delivery mode may work as early as 2021 in the United States.

California granted a license to startup Nuro to market autonomous delivery service after tests carried out in April. The driverless delivery mode can start operating as early as 2021.

A startup has obtained authorization from California, in the United States, to initiate the service. According to information from the BBC and G1, Nuro, a robotics startup. It has tested its autonomous R2 vehicles in the state in April of that year.

Cars that will operate with a license to charge people will have a maximum speed of 56 km / h (35 mph in the local unit of measurement), and will only operate in right weather conditions.

Nuro which was co-founded by two former Google engineers and is funded by the Japanese company Softbank. Vehicles designed to operate without a driver or passenger use radar, thermal imaging and 360-degree cameras to direct their movement. The car is oval and smaller than most vehicles in the United States.

There is no steering wheel, pedals or even side mirrors. On the other hand, there are two temperature-controlled compartments to accommodate deliveries. The doors are only opened after the recipient enters a code.

How Nuro R2 works

The Nuro R2s have been running tests in three U.S. states since October. The autonomous cart has a speed limited and will only operate in right weather conditions.

The Nuro R2 travels alone thanks to various technologies, including a radar system, thermal imaging and a set of cameras that guarantee a 360 view to the robot, which, without the driver, is devoid of a steering wheel, pedals or rearview. The oval cart is smaller than any vehicle for sale in the United States. Inside it, there are several compartments to house the orders, two of them with controllable temperature.

Upon reaching the delivery address, the recipient must enter a code for the vehicle compartment with the corresponding delivery to open.