N-ONE: Seriousness of Evolution Confirmed by Riding

N-ONE in front of you and the first thing that comes to your eyes is styling the exterior design which Honda calls “timeless design.”

The form that follows the elemental composition of the first model such as “round (headlight), square (side form), trapezoid (rear design)” is precisely the N-ONE that “always sees in the city”.

According to the Honda developer, he tried various new designs. Still, when he pursued the N-ONE character that originated from the N360, he eventually “inherited the silhouette of the first model.”

However, there are some changes. For example, the lower part of the front and rear bumpers has been changed to a slightly three-dimensional shape, creating a “treading feeling” to express the joy of running (although it is a change that you would overlook unless pointed out).

The front face that varies depending on the grade. The shape and size of the front grill are slightly different between the Original and RS, but the mesh part is more extensive, and the RS grille surrounded by the plating moulding gives the impression of being more fearless. Furthermore, in RS, the shape of the fog lights placed on the bumper’s left and right has also been changed to give a sportier look overall.

Headlights are easier to understand in terms of making you feel “unusual”. The lovely round lens remains the same, but a new “daytime running lamp” is built-in. The ring-shaped LED lamp not only lights up during the day but also doubles as a blinker. When it lights up at night, the projector light in the centre also shines, and the expression of the round eyes (how it shines) changes from time to time, which is interesting. You can’t see it while driving, but if you see the N-ONE running in the city, it’s one of the points to distinguish between the predecessor and the new model.

It is worth mentioning; the interior is the separate type seat. The materials and colours vary depending on the grade, but all three specifications tested this time were very comfortable to sit on. Since the backrest and seat cushion has moderate hardness, the waist does not quickly sink. When someone sits on a “fluffy” seat where my lower back falls and drives for a long time, he/she may get a chronic backache. When that happens, you can’t concentrate on driving.

In that respect, the N-ONE’s front seat holds it with your back straight, so you don’t have to worry about that.