Why Your Motorcycle Needs A GPS Tracker


During its early stages, the Global Positioning System (GPS) was strictly for the military, but it has now come a long way. Today, it is available anytime, anywhere, worldwide. The GPS has many applications. Commonly, it is used for tracking.

GPS tracking devices can be installed in all vehicles. Not everyone has one, but everyone should consider investing in one. Motorcycle owners, for instance, will find that GPS trackers can be of great help to them. Read on to find out why a motorcycle should be equipped with a GPS tracker.

There is an increase in motorcycle theft cases.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau states that during 2016, in the United States, motorcycle thefts have increased by 2% from the previous year. The exact reported number of stolen motorcycles in 2016 is 46,467 while it was only 45,555 in 2015.

This increase in numbers means that motorcycle owners must be more vigilant. There are several security measures that can be taken to avoid motorcycle theft. Using locks is the most common step to prevent theft.

Locks don’t always cut it.

While there are numerous types of anti-theft locks for motorcycles, they can be insufficient. Classic motorcycles have ignition cylinders that can be easily picked, rendering locks useless when thieves drive away on the vehicle. What the motorcycle is locked to can also negatively affect the lock’s security. Most importantly, angle grinders can cut through even the heaviest duty locks.

It is important to note, of course, that determined thieves will always find flaws in whatever security measures that motorcycle owners choose to employ. It is always best to utilize various security measures. Luckily, GPS trackers have a lot of features that one can add to his/her arsenal of motorcycle protection.

GPS trackers can be of help through the following:

  • Receive alerts when the motorcycle is being tampered with.

Producers of GPS trackers have added technology that can alert the owner whenever his/her vehicle is being targeted. Shock sensors help send out these alerts. The warnings can allow the owner or the authorities to rise to the occasion and stop a theft from being fully carried out.

  • Be informed of all the motorcycle’s movements.

With a click of a button, one can conveniently know the motorcycle’s location. Some GPS trackers also send texts or alerts whenever the vehicle moves without the owner’s permission. One can be fully informed regarding any changes in the motorcycle’s motion.

  • Turn the motorcycle on/off using a kill switch.

A remarkable feature included in some GPS trackers is the ability to turn the engine on or off with just a click or a text. This convenient kill switch is especially useful if the thief decides to ride away on the motorcycle. The immobility may foil the crime.

  • Increase chances of catching thieves or recovering stolen motorcycles.

A stolen motorcycle equipped with a GPS tracker is much easier to recover. This is because the vehicle’s location is easily available and can be quickly determined.

The tracker can lead not only the owner but also the authorities to the motorcycle’s whereabouts. This can also contribute to a better chance of capturing thieves.

Final Thoughts

Because of the increase in motorcycle theft and the inadequacy of some anti-theft equipment, it is necessary to consider fitting one’s motorcycle with a GPS tracker. They are not only preventive but also still useful after a thieving.