Mistakes to Avoid During a 4WD Makeover

Today, there is a rapid growth in the 4WD modification market, with the industry pampering customers with easy-to-access accessories. While this is indeed a good deal, it is common to find newbies trying to load up on these accessories without a second thought.

From bull bar prices to grilles and central locking, many factors come to play while you are thinking about a 4WD upgrade. Avoid the following pitfalls for making your endeavour successful:

Firstly, Buying the Wrong 4WD

While you can modify a small SUV at your will, donít be surprised if it fails to handle the big rocks and challenging off-road tracks. So, consider where your 4WD is going most of the time. Do you use it for just a drive around the town, or is it for the bush? Do you plan to haul heavy loads? Would you prefer auto or manual transmission? These and others are the host of questions to ask yourself before visiting a dealer. 

Remember that 4WD modification involves a compromise on many levels; it is hard to make the 4WD utterly reliable, practical, economical, and extremely capable for your ventures. While you can avail a little of each expectation, 4WD is designed for a particular style, and modifying may not help you rest. It is ultimately recommended that you find the purpose for 4WD and make modifications that meet the criteria. 

Neglecting the Accessory Weight

Accessory weights while modifying a 4WD is something that people entirely overlook. It is only illogical to expect your 4WD to carry every accessory under the sun and not become overloaded. Hence, find the payload and ensure your 4WDís content does not exceed this load. Remember, it is always easy to exceed the payload that risks breaking your 4WD. It is also illegal to carry more weight and therefore needs due consideration. 

Exceeding your 4*4 Accessory Budget

Should you enter the world of decorating your 4WD with accessories, youíll be stunned at the number of available options. But, ask yourself how much are you truly willing to spend? Do the bull bar prices suit your budget? Do these accessories better/lessen the resale value of you 4WD? Take care not to buy expensive equipment that only under-delivers on your expectations. 

Skipping on Research

The internet can deliver plenty of information on literally any modification accessory on your mind. Sometimes, the data is readily available, while during other instances, you may need to research.

Skipping on research may prove costly at a later stage when you are left helpless about adjusting the accessories. From brand and price comparison to reading real-life experiences of people who have the modification, consider every aspect you can. 

Prioritising Looks Over Functionality

A 4WD with huge tyres and a massive lift may look appealing but consider its practical uses. Some modifications can affect your 4WDís fuel economy, have it suffer poor handling, and have a high centre of gravity. While thereís no wrong in adding some glitter to your vehicle, it must not hinder its performance. 

Poor Quality Gears

Always buy high-quality gear that is friendly on your pockets and lasts longer. Bull bar prices and prices of other accessories are directly related to their quality. Compare your choice with reputed brands and check for differences.

While lower prices may not always translate to a lack of quality assurance, it pays to be observant about the item you are receiving. After all, you are entirely dependent on the gear while you are out navigating in the middle of nowhere. Make sure to stay away from cheap products that compromise your safety. 

Ultimately, take your time to make a 4WD fit your expectations. Think, compare, and research facts that help build a vehicle perfect for serving your purpose. With these points in mind, you are guaranteed good value for your money, ensuring an uncompromised drive.