Letstrack Plug & Play Review

letstrack plug and play

The Letstrack plug and play is an expanded adaptation of plus and basic series of GPS trackers. Being an upgraded variant it offers numerous new highlights. In the vehicle following framework, it could be utilized to track an auto, transport, truck and numerous more different vehicles. Append to the OBD port of the auto under the dashboard and utilize it even when it is unplugged.

Let’s take a look at the specifications of the Letstrack Plug & Play

  • Color – Black
  • Water resistant – No
  • Bluetooth – No
  • Wifi – No
  • Connectivity – GSM (MHz) 900/1800 or 850/1900
  • Dimension (L*W*H) MM – 56.5*45*24.6
  • Compatible with – Android, iOS

The valuable features

  • Connectivity: Letstrack plug and play is a much more circumspect gadget than other Letstrack GPS trackers. With a recurrence band of 850/900/to 1800/1900 MHZ, you can have an enhanced remote correspondence. This GPS tracker gets associated under the dashboard in the OBD port of your auto and gives you a chance to track your cars effectively.
  • Tracking: Track all your friends and family and workers in only a solitary screen. Letstrack plug and play gives you a chance to track all the concerned individuals inside a limited capacity to focus time. Following and security constantly guaranteed with Letstrack!
  • Parking notification: The best-preferred standpoint of Letstrack plug and play is that it empowers parking alerts. With the assistance of such points of interest, you can simply track the area of your vehicle whether it is parked, towed away or moved even without motor’s capacity.
  • Real time tracking: Track your companions, family, representatives, and associates with the constant following of Letstrack GPS trackers. This component empowers you to track in the present time with the correct area in a flash.
  • 24 hour history: Try not to have sufficient energy to track your companions, family, representatives and additionally associates continuously? At that point look at all the missed on only a solitary screen and never stress over them again.
  • Zone alerts: Letstrack following application empowers you to make zones for following your companions, family, representatives and in addition associates. It cautions you each time the concerned individual enters/leaves the assigned territory.
  • Speed alerts: Set your own particular speed confines and get alarms at whatever point it achieves the most extreme. You can profit by this element from the Letstrack following application. Get cautions in a split second and track every one of your companions, family, representatives and also associates.
  • Multiple car switching: With this component, you can utilize this gadget in different autos. Being an easy-to-use gadget, you can simply connect and play to whichever auto you have to.
  • Offline GPS data recovering: This gadget has an interesting element to store disconnected GPS information, which implies it will store the GPS tracker areas notwithstanding when your gadget is disconnected (GPRS inaccessible and GPS accessible) and post the disconnected notable date to separate as soon gadget is on the web and associated with GPRS.
  • Location on demand: Whichever mode your tracker is in, the area on request highlight enables you to get its ongoing position.
  • Battery: Letstrack plug and play does not require any charging. This GPS gadget for following dependably stays associated with the OBD port of your auto under the dashboard. It gets all its transforming from the auto just and you require not charge it. You can without much of a stretch depend on the intensity of this gadget constantly.


The Letstrack Plug and Play is a GPS tracker for your auto. It fits into the auto’s OBD port and the organization is prepared to introduce it for you, in the event that you can’t find the port. The following stage is entirely basic. You download the Letstrack application from Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore and get following. There is a horde of gadgets that they offer, yet the one I inspected offers answers for autos.

The Plug and Play can give data about the auto’s whereabouts, speed alarms, and motor running status. You can set customized cautions, for instance, in the event that you need to know when the auto ends and the motor has stopped, the application can send an alarm. Or then again, if the auto is overspeeding, you can keep a tab on that also.

It likewise has a clever stopping warning. When you stop your auto, you can keep a tab on whether the auto is stopped securely or has been towed.

Not exclusively is this gadget supportive as far as following your friends and family, it likewise keeps your auto secure. You can set a motor caution, which will send a warning if the motor has been exchanged on. Thus, if the auto is being stolen, you’d get a constant alarm.


  • Real-time tracking
  • iOS and Android support
  • Free application


  • Slightly more expensive than other car trackers available in the market.


So in the event that you need to track your family and friends and family, you can look at this item. All things considered, your auto will be protected and regardless of whether your auto gets stolen you will have the capacity to track your auto continuously. Isn’t that cool?

The item is evaluated at Rs 5,999. The Letstrack Plug and Play is extremely an accommodating gadget with a horde of cool features. With the application interface being basic, it makes no hitches while following your adored one’s car.