Lamborghini Huracán Evo Spyder : Roars Beautifully

Lamborghini Huracán Evo Spyder, Fire-breathing, freaky sports cars that inspire fear . . . . Bonis car buyers in search of sophistication skipped the Lamborghini showroom by default.

Until after the umpteenth espresso, the top lords in northern Italy thought that the margins had to be raised and the Urus was born two years ago. The schoolyard and the parking lot of the supermarket suddenly turned out to be places where this Lamborghini felt comfortable.

Admittedly, the way that SUV challenges all the laws of physics is impressive. We will therefore take for granted that he is mainly a collection of Porsche, Bentley and Audi parts.

And the quick money doesn’t matter; in Amsterdam-Zuid, the Uruses are parked side by side, like cows in a stable. The market dictates and has spoken in favour of Lamborghini’s family car. But as a result, the attention for real Lambos – sports cars – disappeared into the background. In a market in which the competition unveils several new models per year,

Lamborghini is, unfortunately, a bit quiet. For example, the Aventador has been on its last legs for years and has already had several cosmetic procedures. Also, the orange bull on these pages is not completely underarm fresh, but luckily the Huracán has been spared the suffering of spoilers and stickers. Its intimidating appearance features many angles and folds, in keeping with current rules for sleek body design.

A low windscreen integrated spoiler and two high-positioned, thick exhausts: muscle without too many frills. Refined and elegant is different, but those who like to showcase the thickness of their wallet will find the Huracán a great ally.

Lamborghini Huracan EVO RDW Spyder

The biggest party number is behind the occupants and also comes from a distant past. But ten-cylinder deserves all the praise because it is delusional! The engine is basically from the Gallardo launched in 2003, and even then the cylinder banks were a combination of what was already on the shelves at Audi. Is that bad? Absolutely not. The V10 is one of the last naturally aspirated engines, and for that reason alone, it should be cherished. The red line is at 8,500 pm, and the orchestra only swells as the rev limiter comes into view.

It may be a bit childish, but the Huracán sings more clearly than any other sports car. The roar from the exhausts is addictive: deafening and raw.

Lamborghini Huracan EVO RDW Spyder

The driving behaviour is also as befits a Lamborghini, although you have to tick the correct variant on the order form. Only drive on the rear wheels brings so much more life to the brewery. The fight with the rear, which wants to break out when you enthusiastically hit the gas, makes for a big smile.

The Italian bull doesn’t budge when you hit the left pedal fully, and the steering is a bit vague around the middle position but becomes direct afterwards. In the middle of the bend, when the steering wheel is not quite straight yet, you slowly start to build up the throttle, allowing you to accelerate out of the corner to the maximum and therefore have to steer a little. He may not be the fastest in this regard, but it is the nicest, and that’s exactly why you buy a sports car. After all, it is about the experience and in that area the Huracán scores an awful lot of points.

Lamborghini Huracan EVO RDW Spyder

The seating position is tailored to small Italian dolls: anyone taller than 1.80 will certainly not feel comfortable with the roof closed. Of course, not everything is perfect. Anyone taller than 1.80 meters will not be able to set a perfect sitting position. Besides, the buttons for the windshield wipers and indicators on the steering wheel are much too small; some sympathy for a Lambo that leaves a roundabout without signalling is appropriate. The chassis is also jerky and therefore old-fashioned; other sports cars, for example from the stables of Ferrari and McLaren, know how to bring comfort and performance together much better.

However, the Huracán’s theatre is second to none. In the bloodline of ferocious bulls, this rear-wheel-drive version deserves a special place. It is by no means sophisticated – it is garish and fairly vulgar – but you don’t buy a Lamborghini.