Lamborghini Electric Scooter! yes, for less than 500

Lamborghini, which has joined forces with the Italian firm MT Distribution via its Automobili Lamborghini E-Mobility branch to launch the AL1 electric scooter.

What do Audi, Mercedes and Seat have in common? These car brands have all entered the soft mobility market with electric scooters with Lamborghini.

The machine does not have the stylistic audacity of Sant’Agatha cars, but the magnesium frame’s sober design does not lack elegance.

Electric Scooter is powered through a 350W electric motor which allows it to reach 25Km / h. The 36V 7.8Ah 280Wh battery offers a range of between 25 and 30 kilometres.

The Lamborghini AL1 has an electric front brake and a mechanical rear brake, and a front suspension. Its 8-inch wheels with tubeless honeycomb tires are puncture-proof. It only displays 13 kg on the scale and folds up for easy transport. The driver has a screen and can make a few adjustments via the Android and iOS compatible mobile application.

In the end, the most astonishing is not so much the fact that Lamborghini is launching an electric scooter but its relatively affordable price of 499 euros. The manufacturer could have adopted an elitist position by charging a high fee for the pleasure of displaying the Lamborghini logo. He didn’t, and that’s good, especially since the performance of the AL1 is nothing like a supercar.

The first electric scooter from the Italian car manufacturer, the Lamborghini AL1, is much less expensive than the brand’s cars. After Ducati, Aprilia or even Audi, the brand’s turn to enter the urban micro-mobility market with the launch of a first electric scooter. Resulting from a technical partnership concluded with MT Distribution, the machine is called AL1.

Based on a premium magnesium frame, the Lamborghini electric scooter remains in line with other market models.

Resolutely urban, the Lamborghini AL1 can be easily folded up to fit in the trunk of a car (a Lamborghini, of course). Mounted on puncture-proof 8-inch wheels, it weighs only 13 kilos and tolerates a maximum load of 100 kilos. Connected, the AL1 can be associated with a mobile application. Available on iOS and Android, it tracks vehicle usage data and battery charge level.