Jeep Anniversary : Colours for Renegade Cherokee Wrangler

Jeep, which will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the brand’s birth in 2021, will carry out a special project. Special limited edition body colours have been introduced for each of the four models, “Renegade,” “Wrangler,” “Wrangler Unlimited,” and “Cherokee.”

FCA Japan announced that it would carry out a special project to introduce a new body colour that has received a lot of support in the general vote for each of the current four models for Jeep, which will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the brand’s birth in 2021.

Jeep was born in 1941 and has been active in the Japanese market for a long time as a brand specializing in SUVs. As a prestigious 4WD, we have sent out famous cars such as “Cherokee” and “Wrangler”. Recently, the compact SUV “Renegade” has been repeatedly reformed according to the times, such as installing a plug-in hybrid (PHEV).

First of all, a new colour called “Granite Crystal” was adopted for all four models. About 40,000 general votes will decide the second and subsequent colours of each model. For example, it has been decided to use three colours such as “Serge Green” for the Wrangler, “Serge Green” and “Snack’s Berry” for the Wrangler Unlimited, and two colours “Light Brown Stone” and “Diamond Black” for the Cherokee.

Besides, a photo contest will be held to enliven the brand with general participation-type planning.

Jeep is holding an “80th Anniversary Photo Contest

Jeep is holding an “80th Anniversary Photo Contest to Celebrate with the Owner”. The photo of the owner, along with the jeep, will be posted on the official website. The 80 winners of the best work will also appear in the Jeep advertisement. Jeep lovers have the opportunity to contribute to the brand celebrating its anniversary. Delivering a photo of your car and your memories in a memorable year for the brand will be a valuable experience.

Jeep, which will celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2021, continues to evolve as a prestigious SUV. You can expect it as a year to share the joy with the fans.