Jeep Wrangler Bolt Patterns

Jeep Wrangler

Buying a vehicle is not enough; you have to maintain it afterward and sometimes accessories it to keep it update and brand new. As far as Jeep accessories are concern, first it needs a robust set of wheels, sturdy-looking tires. These two things are enough to make your jeep wrangler look dominating over other vehicles on the road.

Nowadays, there are many advanced and strong bolt patterns out there in the market, but which one is ideal for you to accessorize your jeep with?

What is Jeep Wrangler Bolt Pattern?

To answer this question first, you need to know about the model of your Jeep, because even though they all have five lugs, but what set them apart from each other is space between them.

Itís great to know about the spacing of lugs in your jeep because even if you get a 5×5 bolt pattern that is most common in the jeep if it didnít match your space then it wonít fit on it either. Itís essential to know every detail, even the smallest one, about your new vehicle so you wonít waste money on buying the wrong accessory for your jeep.


How to Measure Jeep Wrangler Bolt Pattern?

In simple words, it is the diameter of the imaginary circle shape by the center of wheel lugs. To measure it correctly starts from the center of one hole to the back of the third hole. It is the easiest way to measure a five-lug bolt circle. In case you have six or four-bolt circle then the easiest way to know for sure is by measuring them from circle to circle.

Jeep Wrangler, Bolt Pattern Chart

To get the right kind of bolt patterns to accessories your jeep wrangler, you will require a detailed, informative guide to help you out in making a profitable decision.

Apart from getting the correct bolt pattern, you also need a correct size for your wheels and tires that has matching backspace and offset.

 Instead of getting the large monstrous tire to show-off, be smart, and get tires that fit your Jeep. It would be poor investment and waste of time is none of it fit with your Jeep Wrangler requirements.

One of the great trouble you can face is tire rub, and on rough, ridged and rocky type of roads that are known as worst kind of trouble, a driver could have asked for.

Wheel offset and Backspacing

First, you need to know that wheel offset and backpacking may be interlinked, but they are different from one another. Wheel offset measures the distance between the wheel and the mounting surface, whereas offset measures distance between the mounting face and the inside edge. Here you will found a better explanation.

  • Wheel Offset.

In Wheel Offset, you will find three types of stages, which are known as, Zero, Positive and Negative.

  • Zero – This offset means that the wheel centreline is neck to neck with the hub mountain surface.
  • Positive – This offset measures how many hubs mountain surfaces are getting closer to the wheel.
  • Negative – Negative is considered ideal among another, offset because itís easier to control and even gives room to improve if the offset is occurring in your Jeep Wrangler.
  • Backspacing.

Quite similarly to Wheel Offset, backpacking measures distance of hub mountain surface to the back of the wheel. Initially, backpacking makes sure that every part of your vehicle is working in the correct order, and if something is wrong then along with offset it will determine that problem for you to figure it out.

Quite similarly to Wheel Offset, backpacking measure

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