Important Factors to Consider Before You Buy a Campervan


Any outdoor enthusiast dreams of having a camper van. You see, a camper van can give you all the freedom to take off and head for adventures on a whim. Unlike a tent, you can use a van to store almost everything. Therefore, you don’t have to spend a lot of time sorting out your traveling kit before you go on a trip. In many ways, a campervan is significant and worth an investment for any adventure. This post will discuss several factors you need to consider before buying a campervan.

Choosing the best camper van

When it comes to searching for a campervan for sale, you have only three options. These are to choose a new camper van, buy a used camper van, or go for a commercial van and convert it into a camper van. Your budget is likely going to determine your decision. Therefore, you can do the sums and find out what you can afford.

With a new camper van, the make and model of a camper van will play a significant role in its value. Most of the new camper vans can be costly, so you need to evaluate your options properly. You can also get a lot more for your money if you decide to buy a used camper van. The trick is to make sure that there are no hidden problems, meaning it should be in perfect condition.

When viewing a used camper van, you need to follow all the advice recommended on purchasing a used vehicle. This means you should check for white deposits that are on the engine block, see if the coolant is cloudy, check the oil level, look for oil leaks underneath the vehicle, and many others.

Remember that this is a huge investment, so you may consider getting a professional to check it before you commit to the sale. The professionals can road test the camper van on your behalf before the sale goes through.

For many other people, converting a van is another attractive option because you can buy a standard commercial van and change it to meet your needs. Fortunately, there are various vans out there that can make good campers. But you need to have great designing skills to enable you to successfully convert your commercial into a camper van.

Features to consider before buying a camper van

Now that you know the type of camper van that you want, the second step is to figure out how you want to use it. In this way, you can determine that the van has all the necessary features that you desire. Below are some of these features that you should be on the lookout for:


You need to think about how many people will be using the camper van. Using the camper includes sleeping in it and storing your kit in the available storage space. If you plan to travel alone without many items, then you can opt for a smaller van. But a traveling couple with all their items may need a bigger camper van. While it can be tempting to choose the biggest camper van, you must know that this can come with higher running expenses.

Living essentials

It’s a good idea to always think about how you want to use the camper van. If you desire to live in your van for long periods, perhaps it’s important to have a kitchen area that has a sink and a hob.

The other camping essentials include having a camping stove, fridge or cool box, and potable water on board. Besides these, you should check for a van that has a toilet, a folding table, and a pop-top that can help you to move around easily.

Another essential feature you should think about is the living space and sleeping space. You need to have a great balance between these spaces. For example, you can have a fold-out bed that converts into a couch during the day time or have a fixed platform bed that doesn’t need stowing it away.

The good thing about a fixed platform bed is that it creates an under-bed storage space underneath it. If you have children or pets like a dog, having a secondary bunk is necessary. However, if you want to go for the cheapest option, then you can put a mattress in the back.


Your budget for the camper van will determine the type of a van you can buy. But you shouldn’t only think about the buying price. Instead, you should consider both the costs needed to convert the van and its running costs, such as fuel costs and maintenance costs. Aside from this, look into the insurance and the annual road tax costs.

The good news is that most dealers sell both used and new camper vans with a warranty. This can give you peace of mind knowing that you’re in safe hands while driving. However, you should check the terms of the warranty to make sure that you understand what’s covered.

Mind you, you need to read any exclusions that might end up costly in case of something going wrong. Because warranties differ significantly between dealers, you should always understand their offers.

The type of weather

You will be forgiven if you failed to notice how well insulated the camper van is before you buy it. Ideally, insulation is important if you live or travel in a very cold-weather climate.

Tires are also a key consideration. You don’t necessarily require a four-wheel-drive but having good tires is important. With good tires, you can drive in mud, rain, or off-road.

You should also figure out if you should have a high roof or low roof camper van. In most cases, low roofs are inconspicuous while driving, and they can fit in most garages. High roofs usually offer more standing space but they can’t travel in most areas, especially in parking garages.

Another option is to have a pop-top roof that is popular with many campers. This type of roof provides you with enough aeration and a pleasant environment inside the van. Unfortunately, they are not ideal in cold weather, though you can camp in them in cold weather.