How to Pick the Best Car Insurance For Your Needs

Car Insurance

Choosing between the best car insurance companies can be tricky. Especially for a first-time car owner, itís tough to know what you need and what you donít, and what type of car insurance will be best for you and your needs.

Nobody wants to be overspending on insurance, but you need the peace of mind that youíll be covered in the event of something going wrong. Here are some tips on how to pick the best car insurance for you and your vehicle.

Consider the Excess

When applying for car auto insurance, companies will often ask you how much voluntary excess youíll pay in the event that you need to make a claim. The excess is a set number youíll pay out (regardless of the cost of the damage), while the insurance company will cover the rest.

Typically, a higher excess will result in lower monthly insurance premiums. Itís up to you to decide whether or not you can afford to pay a higher amount monthly in order to have a lower excess in the case of a claim.

Account For Your Carís Value

You can insure your car based on its market value, retail value or even its trade value. Find out from car insurance companies what your insurance will cost you based on these three different values Ė but keep in mind that this will impact you and your claim if your car is totalled or stolen and needs to be replaced entirely.

Pick a Type of Insurance

Not only do you have the choice between different values, different excess amounts and of course, different insurance companies, you also have the choice between different types of auto insurance.

Your best option, and what we would recommend, is comprehensive car insurance. As the name suggests, this type of car insurance is comprehensive and will cover you for theft, hijacking and damage caused by accidents or weather damage.

You also have more affordable options like third-party liability cover, collision damage cover, personal accident cover and zero depreciation insurance. Each of these offers different levels of coverage for different circumstances. If you cannot afford comprehensive cover, you might want to look into these options to figure out what would be most beneficial for you.

Compare Quotes

Shop around for your car insurance until you find the best cover for the best price. Different companies will have different offerings that you can consider, and itís always a good idea to compare your options and even try negotiating before making a decision.

Check Out Company Reviews

Itís always a good idea to look around online (or even ask friends and family in real life) to find out about peopleís experiences with a car insurance company. While the cover might look good in theory, some companies are difficult to work with and you might struggle to get insurance to pay put when you make a claim.

Pick a company thatís been recommended to you by someone you trust or that has consistently good reviews online.