How to Junk a Car the Right Way: A Basic Guide

car junk

“Thatís it. Itís dead, kaput. It will never run again.

All you can do now is try to scrap your broke-down, old jalopy to car buyers.

But do you know how to junk a car? If not, you’re about to learn.

What follows is a simple yet complete guide on how to get rid of a junk car. Read these tips, follow these steps, and, in a few short minutes, you’ll know exactly how to get paid in cash for your P.O.S. Learn everything about junking a car from this guide.

1. Find Buyers and Get Quotes

First, research all the local auto salvage yards, junkyards, and anyone nearby who pays for junk. Also, check out companies like Cash Auto Salvage that actually allow you to sell your junk car online.

Compare price quotes and see who offers the best deal.

2. Double-Check These Possible Buyers

There are a lot of scammers out there. Now that you have a list of buyers started, go through and investigate each one out to make sure they’re legit.

Start by researching what licenses are required for junk car buying in your area. Then, make sure your potential buyers are properly licensed.

Next, check online review sites like Google and Yelp. Also, check the more official business reputation sites like the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Reports. You should definitely beware of any “buyer” that you have trouble finding any information about.

3. Remove Valuable Items From the Car

Take everything valuable out of the car now, before you hand it over. Check all nooks, crannies, pockets, compartments, and crevices for personal items. If possible, remove any CDs or audio cassettes from the (apparently very old) audio system.

Besides personal belongings, strip the car of any valuable automotive parts that are still in good condition. For example, if the radio still works great, get out your toolkit and take that sucker out.

Lots of people will pay good money for a slightly used car stereo and speakers. You can sell these separately from your car and end up with way more money than you would by scrapping the car whole.

Also, remove and keep any parts you might be able to use on your next vehicle, like brake pads and headlight bulbs. Remember that anything you leave in the junked car will be lost forever.

4. Collect Your Paperwork

Proof of ownership may or may not be necessary to junk a car in your area. Either way, it will still make the process easier if you can find and bring your ownership documentation to the buyer.

5. Junk It

That’s about it. All that’s left now is to get that scrap heap to the buyer of your choice.

The buyer will likely have their own instructions for this. Generally, though, you either drive the junk car to them or arrange to have it picked up if it’s not drivable.

Keep This Guide on How to Junk a Car

Now that you know how to junk a car, do it. Bookmark or print this page to use as a checklist when junking a car.

Once your old car is gone, what’s next? We can teach you how to buy a second-hand car online or how to get compensation if you were injured in a car accident. Find these and other helpful topics on our Autos blog.