How to Get Your Car Ready for the Auto Transport Carriers

Do you have to make a long distance move? Not sure how to bring your car with you? Here’s a few tips to get your car ready for the auto transport carriers.

If you’re making a long distance move to a new home, safely transporting your car may cause you a lot of stress. That’s why it’s essential to work with a qualified auto shipping company.


By having professionals transport your vehicle, you reduce the possibility of damage. Plus, your car won’t rack up mileage during the journey.


However, you still have some responsibilities to take care of beforehand. To help you out, we’re going over what you need to do to get your car ready for the auto transport carriers.


Find the Right Company

Auto transport companies offer a number of different services. Make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.


For example, if you own a luxury vehicle, you may want to consider enclosed shipping for added protection. You can also opt for door-to-door shipping if you won’t be there to accept delivery.


Finally, make sure the service you choose is within your budget. There are many cheap car shipping companies that provide excellent service.

Remove All Items from Your Car

Your car will get loaded onto a truck during transport. Depending on the distance, your vehicle may have to change trucks along the way.


It’s crucial you remove all personal items and vehicle accessories. If left inside, there’s a chance they could get damaged or cause damage to interior components of your car.


In addition, most transport companies won’t cover damage or theft to personal items. Play it safe and remove everything, even from the trunk.


Don’t try to pack your car with moving boxes or other belongings. This creates more weight and makes the process much more difficult. In fact, auto shipping companies will likely refuse to move your car if it’s packed with stuff.

Your Car’s Condition

The transport company will need to operate your vehicle during pickup and drop-off. This means it needs to be in good working order.


Make sure the battery is in good shape and that all fluids are topped off. If you have a fluid leak, you need to get this fixed before the day of shipment.


Your car should have no more than a quarter of a tank of gas in it on the day of transport. This helps bring the weight of your car down and makes transport easier.

Inspect Your Car Thoroughly

You’ll need to perform a full inspection of your car and document its condition prior to transport.


Start by washing your car. This makes any existing damage easier to see.


Then, look for any scratches, dents, or other damage. Taking pictures is a good way to keep track of this.


If any further damage occurs in transit, you’ll know what was already there and what the transport service is liable for.

Help Auto Transport Carriers Help You

When it’s time to make a move to another state, auto transport carriers are the best way to get your vehicle there safely. Before your move date, do your part to make the process go over smoothly.


Make sure you take care of all the details discussed above leading up to the date of transport.


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