How to Get the Best Sounding Exhaust for Chevy Camaro

Chevy Camaro

If youíre looking to personalize your Chevy Camaro, consider upgrading your exhaust system. Chevy Camaro exhaust systems are designed to offer you improved performance and the killer sound youíre looking for. Find out how to choose from mild, moderate or aggressive exhaust sounds today.

Understanding Your Sound Preference Options

First, your Camaro exhaust has a few different components that affect what sound is produced. Most aftermarket mufflers come in three basic designs:

  • Chambered muffler
  • Straight-through muffler
  • Turbo style muffler

A chambered muffler includes chambers that allow sound waves to bounce around before exiting the muffler. Sound waves are reduced and some are cancelled as they bounce into each other. Itís a popular option for creating a quiet exhaust sound.

Straight-through mufflers use a straight pipe and material surrounding it. They are a more basic version that doesnít typically reduce the noise of your exhaust as effectively as other types, but they can improve the performance of your Camaro.

Finally, a turbo style muffler uses an S-shaped pattern to deaden the sound of your exhaust. Compare the sound of each one to determine the best option for your Camaro. If youíre looking for a sporty look and hearty growl, consider a straight-through muffler. Turbo and chambered mufflers reduce the sound of your exhaust, but may not offer the signature sports car sound.

Sizing Considerations

Most auto enthusiasts believe that larger exhausts always produce louder sounds. If youíre looking for the loudest muffler, many individuals may suggest the largest model available. However, this misconception may reduce the efficiency and performance of your Camaro.

A muffler thatís too large for your vehicle allows exhaust gases to expand and cool down. This reduces the overall performance of your ride and may not give you the sound youíre looking for.

Instead, look for a perfect fit with a straight configuration and large diameter to maximize your sound.

If youíre looking for a more minimal design and quieter sound, look for a chambered or turbo style muffler with a smaller diameter. Additional curves in the piping and twists and turns in the muffler itself will reduce the sound of your ride without compromising its performance.

Backpressure and Sound

Before you grab a new muffler and replace it, consider the effects of your entire exhaust system. All the pipes in your exhaust system help determine the sound of your exhaust. Additional twists and turns can muffle the sound and decrease the performance of your Camaro, while straighter segments can increase the exhaust sound. Depending on the quality of sound youíre looking to get out of your Camaro, shop for complete exhaust systems that alter the flow of gases.

Choosing the Right Muffler Design

Compare the three basic muffler designs and choose the right size for your Camaro. Determine the sound level youíre looking to achieve and keep in mind that certain exhaust systems can improve or reduce the fuel economy and horsepower of your Camaro. Shop for a full exhaust system today to discover how you can take your Camaro to the next level and enjoy an aggressive roar or quiet, streamlined sound.