How to Clean the Exterior of Your Car

Clean the Exterior

The roads in Dublin may quickly transform your car’s gleaming paintwork into a dirty mess, and with time, they can even damage the components of your vehicle.
When you give your car a thorough cleaning on a regular basis, you will not only be able to keep it looking nice and shining, but you will also be able to remove some of the films and particles that can cause the outside of your car to deteriorate.

Here is how to achieve a flawless finish each and every time.

You will need the following items before you begin:

  • A pail that’s been stuffed with hot water.
  • It’s a sponge.
  • Some of the garments (Microfibre clothes work best).
  • An exceptionally absorbent bath towel
  • The round paintbrush
  • Products and methods for cleaning automobiles (Shampoo or Wash and Wax)

Optional addons

  • A high-powered water jet (to make life easier)
  • Polish, wax, or other products that are used for detailing.

The following are the stages involved in cleaning the exterior of your car:

The first thing you should do is spray your wheels.

One helpful piece of advice is to always begin with the wheels. It’s possible for the wheel covers and alloys on your car to become the dirtiest portions of the vehicle. In addition to being the part of the vehicle that is most directly in contact with the pavement, the wheel is also the part of the vehicle where the most iron oxide dust can accumulate, causing gleaming alloys to appear dingy. Getting rid of this dust might be challenging; thus, utilising an alloy cleaner such as Ultimate Wheel Cleaner might make things simpler. Simply spray each wheel, then step back and allow the foam to do its job. When you use a product of this kind, you’ll notice that it changes colour once all of the filth has been broken down, which means that you only need to wash and rinse it off afterwards.

The next thing you need to do is get rid of the worst of it.

Even the dirtiest autos can benefit from a thorough rinsing because it will remove the majority of the grime and grime-causing residue. When washing the automobile, begin at the top and work your way down, allowing gravity to do the work as you remove loose dirt with a power washer, garden hose, or bucket of water.

In the third step, you will begin scrubbing.

After the loose dirt and muck have been washed away, it is time to get to work with some good old-fashioned elbow grease and begin scrubbing. Take your cleaning solution and add it to the pail of warm water you have ready (see bottle for recommended measures). We have a wide variety of soaps and specialised automobile cleaning formulations that break down the dirt that is the most difficult to remove and the grime that is the most destructive to paintwork. This includes iron oxides, which can damage paintwork if they are left for an extended period of time. After that, soak your cleaning sponge or towel, and begin scrubbing away at every nook and cranny of your freshly painted surface.

Repeat the process (perhaps more than once) four times.

The appearance of your paintwork should improve somewhat after you have scrubbed it thoroughly. Do not be afraid to begin the cleaning process once more if you notice that there is still a film of dirt or a few corners of filth that are refusing to budge. One more thorough cleaning should be enough to dislodge even the most stubborn debris, allowing you to proceed to the following stage.

Clean the outside of the windows.

If you aren’t careful, washing your car might leave your windows with a streaky appearance. To prevent this from happening, apply a specific window cleaning method to get your windows to look clear and sparkling again. Using a bug remover is a fantastic alternative if your windscreen is covered in bugs that have been caked on for a long time because it can break down even the most stubborn baked-on insect graveyards.

Before you begin, use your absorbent towel or cloth to remove any extra water from the windows. Next, spritz each window with cleaner and give it a thorough wipe down.

Sixth, be explicit in your response.

If you just want a beautiful clean car, then this is the moment where you can pour your bucket of water away and pack up, but if you want to amaze the neighbours with an exceptionally glossy automobile, then you need to focus on the detailing.

Polishing the paintwork on your automobile is an easy technique to make it look like it was just purchased. You have the option of using a specialised buffer and brushes to complete this task, or you can simply grab some polish and a towel and complete it in the traditional manner.

It’s possible that, now that your automobile is all bright and clean, you’ve seen a chip or scratch on the paint that you weren’t aware you had.
Don’t worry, genesisvaleting has a tonne of tools and expert guidance on body restoration, including everything from a straightforward 4-step method that consists of “prep,” “prime,” “paint,” and “protect” to scratch repair kits and touch-up pens. Even repairs for chips in the windshield are available through us. If you ask one of our knowledgeable coworkers for guidance about the dimensions and placement of your chip, the problem might be solved in as little as twenty minutes.

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