How to Choose the Best Vehicle Shampoo for Your Car

Best Vehicle Shampoo

Washing your own car may appear useless when you have the option to have it professionally valeted for a little amount of money. The truth is washing your car takes less than an hour to complete and can cost you an affordable amount of money. The savings you can make from washing your own car can add up fast, particularly if you constantly washing off dust and mud often. 

In addition, washing your car means you are certain that the task will be done carefully and properly, by using the right cleaning accessories and products. You can start this cleaning journey by buying a good car shampoo. Ensure the shampoo you buy is engineered to cut through layers of grime collected on the road so that it will keep your car’s paintwork gleaming. 

Here’s how to choose the right car shampoo

First, you may wonder why you need a specialized car shampoo. Buying the best car shampoo for your vehicle will leave your car sparkling and with a water-repellent finish. Over and above that it will make the finish on your car more resistant to the effects of dirt and rain. If it has a beautiful scent that is also a big plus. 

Ingredients you should look out for

To achieve a showroom-style finish, you must buy a car shampoo with Carnauba wax. This wax is taken from palm leaves and assists your carís paintwork achieve a Ďjust off the forecourtí sparkling look. But even if your current car shampoo has carnauba wax, waxing your car after washing it can give high-level protection from harmful elements. 

Should you spend money on buying a premium shampoo

This depends. When you shop around and compare prices, donít just look at how much the bottle costs, rather also look at the quantity you would need to use for each wash. 

Some shampoos are highly concentrated and need only 5ml to be added to a bucket full of water. Contrary, others need fifteen times the quantity which makes them a lot more expensive in the long haul.

Best methods to use car shampoo

Begin by giving your car a thorough rinse, remove as much grit and dust as you can. This will decrease the risk of you getting any scratches when you make the application. Next, make sure you dilute the shampoo and adhere to the instructions as the amount you put in varies. 

After this is, make use of a microfibre mitt or sponge to apply the shampoo from the bottom to the top of the vehicle. Do the wheels last, so that you make sure you donít pick up grit on your sponge by accident so that you also avoid scratching any paintwork. 

Once youíve lathered your car completely, rinse off the foam properly with water and then dry it using chamois leather. And then lastly, put a layer of car wax that will protect your newly washed paint and make it much simpler to clean. Make sure to purchase an aqua wax and apply it to the car once you rinse it off, you can do both jobs in one go.

If youíre a person that has sensitive skin, wearing latex gloves is a useful consideration. These types of shampoos have strong degreasing agents, built to remove stubborn dirt that isnít too nice on the skin. Hope this article has helped you make a better decision when it comes to making your next car shampoo purchase.