How NOT to Handle Windshield Repair

Whatís the first thing that stands in the way of a speeding car and the driver behind the wheels? You guessed it correct: itís the windshield.  It can take a lot of damage over the years because of all the flying debris.

Having a cracked, chipped, or failed windshield exposes motorists to an endless list of safety hazards. Motorists must prioritize windshield repair to prevent road accidents. The rule of thumb here is that the sooner they repair small damage, the better. Because it wonít be long before that tiny chip here or the little crack there results in more damage. 

Some drivers like to take windshield repair in their own hands. Now, this isnít a bad idea because it saves you time and money, but there are six common DIY windshield mistakes they can and should avoid. 

1. Using DIY Kits without Experience

Even the best DIY kit is only as effective as the hand controlling it. You need experience and knowledge of the equipment before using it. Without knowing about the pros and cons of the tool, you probably wonít know about its long-term effects on the windshield. It isnít uncommon for non-experienced personnel to cause more damage and rendering the windshield non-repairable. 

The irony is that they end up tripling the cost of getting their vehicle back on the road, although they intended to save money. Rule number of one using any tool is to first learn all there is to know about it before you can apply it. 

2. Donít Use Cheap DIY Kits

Speaking of DIY kits, your windshield repairs are only as effective as the tool you use. Many car owners, in hopes of saving a little more money, end up using cheap kits that will likely lead to more damage to the windshield.

As a general rule of thumb, you should buy OEM parts for your car instead of settling with cheaper aftermarket parts. This is because OEM parts are the same as the windshield you are replacing or repairing. They provide you with quality assurance and peace of mind. In many ways, choosing an OEM part is easy because you wonít have to spend as much researching and comparing options, compatibility concerns, and prices. 

Some manufacturers may provide a warranty with their OEM parts, which is always a plus. 

3. Donít Wait Too Long

Most people who use DIY kits take too long to fix the windshield chip or crack. This isnít a good practice because the longer you wait, the more likely youíll end up turning a simple task into a pain in the neck. All the procrastination leads to more serious consequences such as visual obstruction, further damage to the windshield, and costly Orlando windshield replacement.  

4. Donít Use Improperly Aligned Tools

Some DIY windshield repair kits come with a suction tool that is designed to fill a damaged spot on the windshield with resin. This does require some experience with repairing a car because of the intricacies of properly aligning the tool with the windshield. Many people end up using unaligned tools that cause the final repair to look horrible and not sealed properly. 

5. Donít Ignore Air Bubbles 

Many DIY windshield repair kits come with a special resin that can be filled in the chipped or cracked area of the windshield. Many drivers ignore the air bubbles that inadvertently grow in the resin. These air bubbles can be more than a mild nuisance later on because they essentially compromise the repair process. 

These air bubbles can be easily removed by applying the right amount of pressure. Most certified professionals have the special tools needed to accomplish this.

6. Donít Drive the Car Right After Repair

Passionate motorists are always in a hurry to drive their cars immediately after repairs. What they donít realize is that the chemicals will take time to dry off and the applied mold will take time to properly stick together. It may take anywhere from 4 to 12 hours for windshield repairs to sit in place before they can be used again. 

During this time, it is advisable to leave the car as it is for at least one day. Hurrying could cost you a fortune later on. It pays to be patient.

If you need auto glass repair, itís time you called in the professionals. We offer speedy and affordable Orlando Windshield Replacement services. Get in touch with us to know more!

Author bio: Emily Scott is an auto glass and windshield expert at Orange Blossom Auto Glass. Sheís an avid blogger who writes about all things cars. When sheís not busy working on windshield repairs, she can be found watching Netflix or chilling out with friends.