How long does it usually take to settle a car accident lawsuit?

Two Angry Motorists Arguing Over Responsibility For Car Accident

Almost all car accident victims have one question in common: How long does it take to settle a car accident lawsuit? The reason for this question is obvious. Victims want to leave the accident behind and move on.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to answer this question accurately because there are different types of facilities with different time frames. Each case is different and, depending on the severity and complexity of the accident.

Although many car accident victims want to move on to the next step as quickly as possible, it may be helpful to spend more time on the case. This extra time can make a big difference in the outcome and the victim’s recovery. Most claims can be settled more quickly if you are willing to accept less money. But that should not be your ultimate goal.

This guide will walk you through the processing of settling a car accident claim.

How long does it take to settle an auto accident case?

After the accident and the recovery of the injured (which will depend on the seriousness of the accident), the lawyer must recover all medical evidence until he is considered fully recovered in order to estimate the final compensation.

It may take months or even years – depending on the impact received – for a person to recover, which is also an important factor in calculating compensation.

If the delay has had to be extended longer than expected and the insurance company does not want to be liable or does not appear at the appropriate time, the case must be guided by legal means, which will result in an increase in the payment.

The time limit for receiving compensation will then depend on the period during which the injured can be effectively discharged.

The choice of the insurance company will count for the payment of the compensation, which can be granted as soon as the application is received by the lawyer and the doctor’s file or when the civil sentence is pronounced.

You should keep in mind that every traffic accident is different, as are the people who are victims, as they do not all have the same physical abilities or the same state of health. In addition, recovery time is variable.

In order to know the amount, the lawyer needs a lot of indispensable data. For example, the year of the accident, the age of the victims, specific injuries, recovery, and rest time (including medical examinations and sick leave).

Here are some factors that determine how long it takes to settle a car accident injury claim:

Not all cases are black and white. In fact, most cases are quite complex. They require patience and perseverance on your part to obtain the most viable result.

Cooperation with insurance companies

The insurance company will probably need time to review your claim, which may take from a few weeks to several months. In fact, in some cases, the insurance company will deliberately take more time to make you feel frustrated and take less money.

Legal proceedings

After the insurance company has made an offer or refused a claim, the victim must decide what to do next. A claimant can accept or reject a claim offer and either continue negotiations or take civil action. If the claimant decides to pursue a civil action, the process takes longer. Each step in the court process takes additional time, from the discovery period to out-of-court negotiations and perhaps to the trial itself.

What if the settlement of a car accident is seriously delayed?

If you find that your settlement is taking much longer than expected, it may be time to contact a personal injury lawyer. He or she should be able to explain the delay and maybe resolve it. Your lawyer may also be able to provide you with various options to speed up the process and keep your claim on the front line with the insurance company.

Whether insurance companies admit it or not, they act differently when they approach lawyers. Lawyers have been through this process before and know what to expect when dealing with insurance companies. Hiring a lawyer may be your best option to settle a car accident lawsuit.