How Can Ford Figo Improve for the Greater Good?

Ford Figo

Ford is one of the most popular American automakers around the world, and the Figo has certainly left behind a mark in the automobile industry. With its current-gen Figo that comes loaded with features, Ford has certainly captured the essence around hatchback in the country.

The latest generation Figo comes with a BS6 engine and is offered with petrol and diesel variants. The car continues with its 1.2L petrol and 1.5L diesel engine that are up for offer. However, what is changed is the emission of the car that is now BS6. In India, BS6 Ford Figo is offered in four variants: Ambiente, Trend, Titanium, and Titanium Blu.

Talking about the drivetrain, the petrol engine is powerful enough to generate 94 hp of power besides 119 Nm of peak torque. The diesel drivetrain, on the other hand, makes 98 hp of power and 200 Nm of torque reading.

Coming to the latest update around the car, it comes with halogen headlamps that are LED DRLs, options of 14-/15-inch alloy wheels, and optional side decals with blacked-out alloy wheels in a package. The other updates revolve around the features of the car.

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?    Lack of features

However, when we take it out and have a look at its competition, the Figo certainly lays back when it comes to its features. The car does not have a touchscreen system on the dashboard and automatic climate control. These two features are only made available for the top variant and are absent over the second top variant Titanium. If we take a look at the competition, these two features are the base offering and now common in the price segment that it is offered in.

?    Competition in pricing

Another place where the automaker could have worked upon is the pricing of their cars. Ford has given their BS6 products a considerable hike when compared to the previous generation of BS4 models.

Besides increasing the prices of their cars, the automaker also eliminated some desirable features from the car. This has indeed been a let-down for many loyal enthusiasts of the Ford brand. While the car has not lost its appeal, the increasing price of the car has certainly made it inaccessible by most.

Sadly, Ford is missing on the equation of value for money. It should be noted that in order to survive the cut-throat competition that is set by the new brands in the hatchback section, Ford Figo can certainly improve for the greater good.

? Tough competition from its own sibling

While it is acceptable for the brand to receive competition from its competitors, things are different in the case of Ford Figo. The car receives tough competition from its sibling, the Freestyle. For a start, the Freestyle comes at a price range between Rs.5.99 lakh to Rs.8.79 lakh (ex-showroom).

Besides the price feature where the Figo gets stiff competition, the Freestyle offers better features to the Figo. Starting with safety, the Ford Figo Titanium offers dual airbags which should not actually be the case. Nobody expects a second-top spec variant to come with dual airbags and lack a touchscreen system at the given price range.

Now, when we have a look at the Freestyle, we see better and updated safety features at much convenient pricing. The Ford Freestyle offers a total of six airbags besides offering traction control in the top variant. Considering this option where customers get improved safety features, why would anybody want to purchase the Ford Figo?

When we have a look at the two cars, we find that there are new and improved features like Rain sensing wipers, climate control, Active Rollover prevention and several other features that make the Ford Freestyle a much desirable choice for customers. 

On the other hand, when we talk about a touchscreen dashboard system, you can easily get it with the Renault Kwid RXT that starts at a price of Rs.4.34 lakh (ex-showroom). Looking at such a difference in the specs from the competition itself, who would want to pay more to receive fewer features?

?    Some good bits about Ford Figo

The Ford Figo is indeed a good car. However, there are some pros and cons on it just like any other vehicle involved. When it comes to justifying the price that it charges for its offering, the automaker fails to satisfy the customers.

However, the 1.2L Petrol engine and 1.5L Diesel engine are indeed a reliable source to help generate 94hp of power and 18.5kmpl return. Similarly, the diesel engine offers 98hp of power with returns of 24.4kmpl.


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