Harley-Davidson in 2021 to present its new products!

Harley-Davidson has just announced the presentation dates of its 2021 models just in time to conclude the year 2020.

An appointment is given on January 19, for the 2021 vintages in the catalogue, while it will be necessary to wait until ‘to February 22 to discover the long-awaited Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 officially.

What is the catalogue for Harley-Davidson in 2021?

If 2020 has given you a headache, Harley-Davidson is also looking forward to 2021. New management team, new brand strategy, new launch schedule for some models, 2020 has been busy for the Milwaukee brand.

If the Bronx has been postponed indefinitely, the Sportsters range will not be updated to Euro 5. It will gradually disappear from the catalogue as stocks run out, Harley-Davidson is already giving an appointment to everyone motorcycle in January 2021.

Starting January 19, Harley-Davidson will be presenting its 2021 motorcycle catalogue in a virtual fashion (reduced by 30%), as well as accessories and equipment for the rider in the presence of actor Jason Momoa, the brand’s new ambassador.

“We’re excited to bring the world together for a virtual event that will allow us to share the inspiration and passion for our 2021 models, including a preview of our first Adventure Touring model, the Pan America.”, said Theo Keetell, Vice President, Marketing.

The year has been eventful for Harley-Davidson, which has largely revised its strategy and its launch schedule. While the Bronx roadster has been pushed back and the Sportsters will not pass Euro5, the American manufacturer also planned to change its date of presentation of the new vintage, usually during the summer, to follow other manufacturers by doing it just before the opening of the season. But now, mid-December was approaching and still nothing on the horizon.

The Milwaukee brand is finally offering a little visibility and announces that it will organize a virtual fair on January 19. On the occasion of this first online launch in 118 years of history, the Motor Company will unveil its motorcycles as well as its accessories and rider equipment. If we do not yet know exactly the content of the 2021 range, the manufacturer promises to rationalize its production and reduce the number of models.

Of course, the one that everyone expects to discover in great detail is none other than the Pan America 1250, Milwaukee’s first maxi-trail. The model will be briefly discussed on January 19, especially with the presence of actor Jason Momoa who was able to test the model, the full presentation of the machine will be done a month later on February 22.

Indeed, it is not until February 22 that Harley-Davidson will officially present Pan America from all angles, once again in a virtual way. Patience, patience … While waiting for the drafting, we already have the name of the one who will go to try it and in off-road please, since it is a question of going to test the possibilities in everything terrain of this exceptional model.