Get Construction Right: 4 Vehicles That Can Transform Your Construction Site

vehicle at construction site

Construction has many challenges. Fortunately, with many different types of vehicles available on the market in and around Melbourne, any task can be done safely and more efficiently.

Using an excavator to lift materials can be a dangerous task, not to mention the risk of damage to certain materials. That is why you should turn to crane truck hire companies to get the right vehicle to transform your site into a safe one. You can see that certain construction vehicles can change the whole perspective of your site. Using the right tool for the job has its perks, especially when it comes to safety and production.

Some vehicles can take your site from disaster to success. As with any task, there is always a better and safer way to do things. Here are four vehicles you can hire from crane truck hire companies that will transform your construction site.

Container Sideloader

The Container Sideloader is a crane truck designed to lift containers safely and faster than youíre used to. In comparison to using old methods of container lifting and transporting, the container sideloader can do this in half the time.

Faster turnaround time is more cost-effective for larger companies who move containers or do frequent site establishments on various sites.

Fewer workers and lifting equipment is required with a container sideloader. This minimises the risk of injuries and also human error that can cause property damages.

Container sideloaders are reliable vehicles and are designed to work on almost any terrain. They are made to last and require minimal maintenance. Designed to securely transport containers, it gives you peace of mind when delivering fragile products within containers.

The container sideloader is one vehicle that can transform your construction site for the better.

2. Telescopic handler

A telescopic handler, also known as a telehandler, is similar to a forklift. It has a telescopic cylinder like a crane has, with various attachments that can get connected to the end.

Attachments used on a telehandler can be interchangeable: pallet forks, a winch or a bucket. Various tasks can be carried out with different attachments.

Telehandlers can lift heavy materials and are more robust than most cranes & forklifts. With an extendable arm and stabilising feet at the front, they can reach heights to lift heavy loads with no problems.

Adding to the safety of your construction team, telehandlers do most of the lifting of equipment safely and efficiently. This also saves costs on labour and lifting equipment.

Telehandlers are designed for all-terrain use, operating on any construction site. Owning or hiring a telescopic handler will increase production, making them valuable investments in the industry.

3. Crane Truck

A crane truck is a construction vehicle with a cable-controlled crane mounted to it. It is hydraulic-powered and has a telescopic boom.

Crane trucks are made for easily accessing sites instead of building the traditional crane in parts. Sometimes using a traditional crane can be difficult or impossible and setting up this innovative unit is easier on most construction sites.

You can transport materials without using additional construction vehicles, saving costs on logistics and labour. The same goes for setting up: no site preparation is required, thus saving site establishment costs.

Mobility on a site is easy, further benefiting production.

4. Skid Steer

A skid steer or skid loader is a robust small machine. This vehicle is engine-powered and has hydraulic lift arms supporting various attachments. You can pick between:

  • A bucket
  • Rotary broom
  • Pallet forks

The hydraulic lift arms can scoop material from the front, lift it overhead and offload right behind the machine without turning around

Skid steers are generally perfect construction vehicles used to save time with labour-intensive construction work. Being able to enter small areas and turn on the spot makes it very useful for where bigger machines cannot manoeuvre. Designed to enter any terrain, skid steers can operate on rocky and muddy surfaces without compromising its efficiency.

With its small features, skid steers tend to be placed between workers causing safety risks. For this there are many safety features. A skid steer has maximum all-round visibility and boasts a safety bar that needs to be engaged for the vehicle to operate.

Operated by joystick it makes it simple to operate and improves visibility when handling. A very convenient vehicle to have on any size construction site.


Owning these machines can become too costly for some. In that case crane truck hire Melbourne service providers have on offer, will be your ideal solution. And Hiab crane hire is one of the many plant hire companies available to hire the right vehicle required for your site.

Having the best vehicles on your construction site only benefits the functioning and production. Itís worth every dollar. It adds a sense of safety to the site as well; as mentioned before Ďthe right tool for the jobí.