Few Ways to Prepare Yourself for Air Brake Test

Air Brake Test

In order to obtain commercial driverís license, besides clearing general knowledge test you also need to clear air brake test too.

If you fail this test then it will be mentioned in your license and you cannot drive trucks having air brakes, since newer trucks are adopting such brakes.

Adequate preparation can be the only way of passing the air brake test. Following are few ways you can prepare yourself for the same.

  • Read official air-brake handbook

You must first of all be familiar with all the braking system. You may just grab any official handbook to read it thoroughly. Try to grasp all the information that is written in the guide.

Either you may download the handbook from the website or purchase it from any local bookstore.

  • Practice enough about air brake tests

Besides studying with proper understanding, you must also take several practice tests in order to know whether all that you are studying are grasped buy you.

These tests are also available on the internet. These practice tests can help you know the subject better and also know what you can expect during real exam. More you practice, better you can perform.

  • Use flashcards

Few terminologies are difficult to remember and since air brakes have got number of different components with different names. During the test, you must know their names properly for all these components.

Therefore, flashcards can be used for memorizing hard terminologies.

  • Find one study partner

It will be a very good idea to get a study partner with whom you can sit together at least 2 or 3 times a week. Prefer to find one study partner who may be more knowledgeable than you and also preparing for the same test.

This kind of studying together with someone else can be much more effective as compared to studying all alone. You will be able to grasp many more information.

  • Split whole data into smaller pieces

It will be really very difficult to read complete book and also understand everything. Therefore, you must try to grasp each chapter first and then move to the next chapter.

  • Try to answer all questions at the end of every chapter

Try to quiz yourself after reading each chapter to ensure whether you have learnt properly. Try to answer all the practice questions provided at end of every topic before you move to the next.

  • Create a summary

Try to compress everything that you have studied into small summary that must contain all important information which is relevant to the test exam.

You can also prepare your own notes after every chapter.

  • Donít rush

Take your own test only after you ensure that you can pass it.  Be sure that you are quite familiar with entire information provided in the handbook. You need not rush but take your own time to prepare.

  • Avoid distractions

Try to remove all distractions like mobile phone, TV or computers from the place of study.

  • Stay healthy

You need to give relaxation to your mind and so relax after studying and sleep enough to stay healthy before preparing for the test.

Image credit: Air Brake Test via U.J. Alexander/Shutterstock