Extending the life of your vehicle. An examination of Infiniti’s warranty. Third-party coverage

Extending the life of your vehicle

What Is Covered Under an Infiniti Warranty?

As is the case when purchasing a new vehicle, it will come with infiniti warranty. Some warranty plans will differ depending upon the year and model of the car. Here is a quick overview of what most new Infiniti buyers will receive:

  • 2-year / 24,000 miles federal emission performance warranty.
  • 4-year / 60,000-mile basic coverage.
  • A bumper-to-bumper warranty, this means that it will exclude a few selected items listed in your contract.
  • 4-year / 48,000-mile federal emission defect warranty.
  • 6-year / 70,000-mile powertrain coverage.
  • Engine coverage including the transmission, drivetrain, transaxle, and restraint system.
  • 7-year / unlimited-mileage corrosion coverage.
  • Repair coverage for replacement on rusted metal body panels, providing that the corrosion is from and within normal use.
  • 8-year / 80,000 miles long-term defect warranty.
  • On certified pre-owned Infiniti vehicles that have less than 15,000 miles it comes with a 6-year /75,000-mile limited warranty. However, if the vehicle has more than 15,000 miles, your warranty coverage is for 6 years / unlimited mileage.

Now while this Infiniti factory warranty may seem comprehensive, it doesn’t cover every single part of your vehicle nor will it cover repairs for every situation you may encounter for the duration of your ownership. That being said, what isn’t covered in an Infinity factory warrant? Again, here is a brief list:

  • Covered under a separate warranty are seat belts, tires, and emission control systems.
  • Regularly performed maintenance, for example, oil changes and tire rotations.
  • Repairs caused by accidents or owner misuse.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Repairs which have been made by a non-authorized Infiniti retailer
  • Damage caused by environmental conditions. For example tree sap, salt, lightning, or flooding etc.

To get the most out of your Infiniti vehicle, it is recommended to read your model’s warranty and follow the suggestions in the Infiniti Service & Maintenance Guide and also your Owner’s Manual. You can also obtain an Infiniti extended warranty as an additional option through the car dealership. This includes:

  • Valid when purchased at the time of sale a 4-year / 60,000-mile genuine Infiniti accessories basic coverage.
  • For a bumper-to-bumper warranty, you’ll get up to an 8-year / 120,000-mile Infiniti Elite Extended Protection Plan.
  • Optional add-on: Infiniti Elite Prepaid Maintenance Plan.
  • Optional add-on: Infiniti Elite Service Plan.

Now naturally as a car owner, when these warranties expire, you will be responsible for paying the full cost of parts and labour in the event your Infiniti needs repairs or replacement parts.

There’s good news if you have the Infiniti Elite® Extended Protection Plans as it is transferable to new owners. And the upside to this is that with this plan, it increases the vehicle’s resale value in the event you wish you sell at some point. A proof of warranty may be required in the event of repairs or replacement, so it’s a good idea to save or ask for the maintenance records. This applies if you’re buying or selling an Infiniti vehicle with warranty coverage.

So, with all this talk of warranties, just how much would an Infiniti repair actually cost? J.D. Power states that the 2018 Infiniti models are the most reliable yet. However, in direct contrast to this review, Infiniti cars don’t come with the strongest track record for reliability and low repair costs. It has been reported that owners have paid up to $1,746 for an oil pump replacement and for a front strut/’shock absorber as much as $2,000 has been paid. Take into careful consideration the protection and Infiniti warranty will offer you in the event of unexpected expenses.

For example, here are some Infiniti issues and related costs:

  • Spark plug replacement for 2013 Infiniti M56: $442-$490
  • It’s typical that on all Infiniti M30 models that a brake calliper will need to be replaced. Cost: between $359 and $971.
  • An occasional brake rotor replacement on Infiniti Q70’s. Cost: between $309 and $716.
  • 2015 Infinity Q50 water pump replacement. Cost: between $889 and $1,426.
  • Head gasket replacement on a 2013 Infiniti JX35: $2,266 to $3,391.

And while all this may bring a tear to your eye, you may rest easy with the knowledge that these repairs will be covered with an extended warranty. In the long term, this will save you so much stress, aggravation and money, which is a good thing. Call toll-free 866-261-3457 to get a quote for your Infiniti extended warranty cost today.

But is it really worth it? If you’re looking for that extra peace of mind on the road, especially if your Infiniti warranty is about to expire, consider a third-party extended warranty as a great option. In a study by Consumer Reports, it was indicated that as much as 84% of extended warranty owners had all their claims honoured. And in support of this, 82% said that based upon this they would buy one again. You may want to investigate a third-party provider like Warranty World over an Infiniti dealer.

The following are but a few additional benefits of buying an Infiniti extended warranty:

  • You’ll save money! Did you know that third-party companies are not restricted by manufacturer set pricing? Most will even work with you to help you find an affordable plan that will meet your needs. When paying for repairs in the future, an extended warranty can save you money.
  • Your coverage will be customized. Unlike an Infiniti factory warranty, your third-party can be customized to your budget and driving habits.
  • Use your own mechanic. A significant advantage of using third-party coverage is that you are able to choose to take your vehicle to a repair shop and mechanic that you know and trust. An Infiniti factory warranty won’t allow you to do this.
  • You’ll get a money-back guarantee just in case you’re not happy with your purchase. With a third-party guarantee, you’ll always be a satisfied customer. Most dealers do not offer any money-back guarantee.
  • Look to Warranty World for your Vehicle Protection Plan. The expert professionals at Warranty World will ensure that the life of your Infinity is extended well beyond the factory warranty. You’ll be covered by the most comprehensive warranty available.

The team at Warranty World has been keeping motorists safe on the road for close to 20 years. That’s a lot of experience. With their wide selection of coverage options available and at an affordable price, an Extended Vehicle Protection Plan for a 2007–2014 Infiniti is only $89.*

Their team will closely work with you to come up with a plan customized to your needs and budget. They offer 5 distinct vehicle protection plans to choose from – Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze – with levels ranging from bumper-to-bumper on through to powertrain warranties. With an extended warranty, you’ll have peace of mind and you’ll never be sorry.