Ever Wonder How a New Windshield Glass is Installed?

Windshield Glass

No driver is immune to the damage that impacts from rock or road debris can cause to their vehicle’s windshield. Contrary to popular belief, the incident is not to be taken lightly and often requires repair.

Here’s why.

The windshield occupies 70% of a vehicle’s interior, hence the importance of taking great care of it. Designed to withstand 180 kg of pressure per square centimeter, its main function is to protect passengers and also to allow the airbags to perform their occupant protection tasks properly. A single shard of glass can turn into a transverse crack and require replacement if not repaired quickly.

Our experts at auto body shop Prince Albert will replace your windshield after any type of force that has cracked or shattered your windshield, including accident or weather damage. With the highest quality auto glass available on the market, we can replace the glass for any car, SUV, or truck.  Auto body shop Prince Albert is SGI accredited Elite auto body repair shop with highly trained teams and a history of satisfied customers.

When to repair or replace a damaged windshield?

How do you know if you should opt for the replacement or the repair of your damaged windshield? First, it is imperative to assess the breach, crack, or glass shard on your windshield. Is its circumference wider than that of a dollar coin? Is the crack in the ceramic strip or within 3 cm of the visible edge of the windshield? Is it located in the driver’s field of vision? Has it passed through the outer layer of the glass? If you answer yes to any of these questions, a windshield replacement is likely necessary. After assessing the severity of the impact, you will be able to determine if a simple repair will do. If so, do not delay: an unrepaired breach is likely to turn into a crack, requiring the replacement of the windshield. Repair is a simple and affordable operation that can extend the life of your vehicle’s windows.

The windshield repair process 

Repairing a windshield is quick and requires less than an hour of work. Short on time? Some retailers offer the services of a mobile team who can come to your home or workplace to repair your windshield. The specialist will begin by cleaning the glass to remove shards of glass and prepare the surface for reparation. He will then remove the air in the breach to inject a transparent liquid resin into it, which will “fill” the crack. Finally, he will polish everything once the resin has dried. The crack will become almost invisible, but the windshield will still be slightly more fragile than glass that has never been damaged. The price of reparation may vary, depending on the nature of the damage, but it is certainly less than the cost of replacing a windshield.


When do you need to get your windshield replaced?

The front windscreen is an essential element of the stability of any car and significantly affects the safety of passengers while driving. If the windshield is damaged, choose a windshield car replacement service that offers an extended warranty on car glass installation.

The quality windshield provides excellent visibility, sound insulation, and above all, safety while driving. As the prices of windshield replacement on the market differ, it is important to know what elements affect this price, as well as when the price is an indicator of quality, and when it is an unnecessary cost.

1. Types and quality of windshield

The price of replacement of the windshield depends on the make and model of the car, as well as on the equipment located on the glass itself such as rain sensor, moisture detector, camera, heaters, etc. When it comes to glass alone, there are differences in the finish that certainly affect the price, so the price is mainly an indicator of quality.

All glasses must have an approval mark. The label is usually located in one of the corners of the glass and indicates the quality and origin of the glass. In auto shop Prince Albert we offer a wide range of car glass from the world’s leading manufacturers such as Pilkington, PPG, Mopar, and Carlite.

2. Quality of materials and installation

The first step of replacing the windshield involves inspecting the vehicle to ensure there is no rust on the car frame. Then the auto body expert will lay down towels on the dash as well as the hood of the car; he will remove the rear-view mirror, as well as the windshield wipers; the second step is removing the old glass by removing the molding that helped create an extra seal around the glass in your car. After that, he will remove excess urethane with a razor blade and clean the bonding area. The next step is applying the urethane primer and running a bead of urethane around the perimeter.

The final step is reinstalling the windshield and allowing the urethane to cure. In the end, the auto body expert will reinstall any hardware he removed and replace the rubber gasket.

Windshield experts from auto body shop Prince Albert have many years of experience in working with car windows and are fully acquainted with the latest trends in windshield installation.