Essential Clothing Items You Need When Riding A Motorcycle


Riding a motorcycle offers a lot of benefits, such as easing your way through traffic and arriving earlier compared to riding a car. The downside is that a motorcycle is more susceptible to accidents than a car. Also, if youíre concern about how the public sees you, youíll be seen by a lot of people when you choose to ride a motorcycle instead of a car.

If you want to create a positive impression and protect yourself when riding a motorcycle, donít forget to invest in the following clothing items:

1.    Boots

Unlike conventional boots, the pair youíre going to buy for a motorcycle ride should provide molded shin protection for your ankle. This feature will protect you from any injuries when you accidentally hit the handlebars of your motorcycle.

If you want to end up buying the Best Motorcycle Boots, look for the following features:

  • The boots should be breathable and waterproof. Youíll be riding a motorcycle in different weather conditions, so itís best if you buy a pair that can provide comfort regardless if itís sunny or raining.
  • It should also perfectly fit the measurement of your feet. Using a pair of motorcycle boots that are too small or too big will make it hard for you to operate the brakes and gears.
  • The solar of the boot should also provide arch support. If possible, look for motorcycle boots that have an anti-crush shank, such as those made from steel. This feature can provide comfort to your feet even during long drives.

2.    Jacket

Motorcycle riders arenít only wearing jackets for aesthetic purposes. Jackets, especially those that are made from leather, can provide a lot of benefits to motorcycle riders like you.

When buying a jacket, make sure that it has the following features:

  • Look for jackets that are made from modern fabrics as these can provide waterproof protection while being breathable at the same time. This feature can protect you from hypothermia whenever youíre riding through cool climates.
  • Your jacket should also have a collar to protect your neck from external elements, such as the weather and other debris. Buying a jacket that doesnít have a collar might require you to buy a scarf or windproof balaclava.
  • Buying a jacket that has reflective panels can be an excellent choice, especially if youíre fond of riding your motorcycle at night. Also, wearing a jacket that has reflective panels will make you more visible to other drivers and pedestrians.
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3.††† Gloves

Gloves shouldnít be considered as a luxury when youíre riding a motorcycle. Because of the benefits it can provide to the rider, it should be considered a necessity.

In case you didnít know, gloves can keep your hands warm and protect them whenever youíre involved in an accident. Gloves usually come with knuckle protection and wrist strap, making it easy for you to tighten your grip.

The gloves you buy should provide the following:

  • With the number of gloves available in the market today, you can narrow down your search by choosing one thatís made from breathable materials. A breathable pair of gloves will allow your hands to be comfortable when riding and prevent it from getting too sweaty.
  • The gloves you buy should also protect your hands from water and dirt. You donít want your hands to be soiled every time youíre riding your motorcycle, right?
  • Aside from protecting your fingers, the gloves you buy should also provide grip to your palm. This part of the glove shouldnít become slippery despite the weather or road conditions as this will cause you to lose control of your motorcycle.

4.    Pants

Your entire body is exposed when you ride a motorcycle. And while itís perfectly fine to ride a motorcycle during the sunny weather, riding one when itís raining can become a struggle. This type of weather condition can make you susceptible to accidents and injuries.

Fortunately, using the right type of pants can decrease your chances of being hurt. Just make sure that the pants you buy have the following features:

  • Pants should be waterproof, windproof, and is big enough to fit over your boots. All of these features will ensure your safety as a driver without compromising your comfort.
  • Additionally, the pants should also have built-in knee pads and padding on the hips. These cushions will prevent these body parts from being injured whenever youíre involved in an accident.
  • When scouting for options, take the time to try out the pants and ensure that these will feel comfortable when youíre sitting. The pants should be appropriate to the size of your legs and hips, so you can freely move while riding.

Prioritize Safety

Riding a motorcycle shouldnít only be about looking good; you should also exert time and effort in keeping yourself safe. Because similar to driving a car, riding a motorcycle can also lead to accidents and injuries.