Easy But Effective Tips To Prevent Keyless Car Theft

Prevent Keyless Car Theft

Keyless cars are convenient. They make our lives easier by eliminating the hassle of having to manually open our cars. Gone are the days of keys broken in the lock or frozen locks – keyless cars simply don’t have those problems.

But of course, something that good has to have its downfalls. And keyless car’s downfall comes in the shape of theft. Without even needing to enter your house or get a hold of your keys, a thief can swiftly and silently gain access to your car.

The unique technology used in keyless cars to automatically open the doors and start the engine can be taken advantage of by thieves. By using a signal capturer to record the signal emitted by your key, the thief can then transmit this signal on to someone standing near your car causing your car doors to open. 

Essentially the car is tricked into thinking you are trying to open it, allowing the thieves access to your car.

Naturally, then, every cautious keyless car owner should be interested in finding the best insurer possible. The AA provides detailed information about different types of vehicle insurance with unbeatable quotes that’ll suit you no matter what your needs and a fantastic team of professionals that’ll make insuring your car easy!

However, there are precautionary measures that can be taken to minimize any chance of theft or damage done to the car. Of course, taking these measures will also have the added benefit of decreasing your insurance quote. 

1) Think about where you keep your key

Of course, we’ve all heard about keeping our key away from the front door, but did you know that keyless car owners must be much more cautious about where they put their keys?

Be sure to keep your keys as far away from the front of your house or your car as possible to decrease the thief’s ability to absorb its signal. By keeping it in a tin box or metal casing you also further increase the security of your key by blocking any signal from escaping.

Consider purchasing a protective key pouch to ensure that none of your key’s signals will be picked up from the outside. 

2) Keep track of your keys 

Most keyless cars will come with more than one key. On the off chance that an owner has forgotten about one of these spare keys, it is essential that they find them and keep them in a protective box and away from the front of the house.

3) Switch off your key

Many keyless car owners are unaware that they have the option of turning their key off. By doing this there will be no signal emitted from the key and no chance of theft. 

Look through the owner’s manual for a deactivation code for your key and be sure that you know how to reenable it before attempting to turn it off.

Contact the car’s manufacturer if there is no code available in the manual. They will be able to provide you with the procedure for temporarily deactivating the key.

4) Alternative thief deterrents 

These old-time classic deterrents still work despite the progress of technology. 

Consider placing a steering wheel lock on your steering wheel to ensure that even if the thieves can gain access to your car they won’t be able to drive away. Most modern car thieves are more technological than they are manual so a steering wheel lock can be more effective than ever.

Installing CCTV cameras around your property can also deter any potential thieves.

Furthermore, by keeping your car empty, thieves will be less likely to think there’s anything worth taking from within it.

Be sure to keep your insurance company updated on whatever precautionary measures you take to protect your car. They’ll be able to advise you on how best to keep your car safe and out of harms way.