Do You Really Need a Dash Cam? What is a Dashboard Camera Used For?

Car interior view for car camera

As dashboard cameras continue to grow in popularity amongst drivers, a few questions still stand. Are dash cams a worthy investment? What are the added benefits of having a dash cam? And, are there really necessary?

This article aims to provide some additional information around dash cams, their purpose, their usage and their potential. Many see this item as an additional feature their car can possess others see it as a necessity.

What is a Dashboard Camera?

A dashboard camera (ref: https://www.photo-seminars.com/best-camera/dashboard-cameras/) is a small camera that can sit on your dashboard, facing both out at the road and/or inside your car. They are used to record and document all the trips you take in your car, primarily used to capture any footage of reckless driving on the road. They are great for taxi drivers as they can capture both external and internal footage, reducing the amount of people that try to dodge fairs or worse offences.

What are they used for?

Dashboard cameras can be used in many ways; primarily they are used to help reduce traffic accidents. Even the presence of a dashboard camera can enforce safe driving, not only by you, but also by others on the road that notice your dash cam.

If motorists are not conforming to safe driving standards your dash cam can record and monitor them. This is really helpful if you are in an accident, or capture an accident on your dash cam as you are driving.

As these are used as a tool to reinforce safe driving you can score lower insurance policies by installing one. This cash break may be enough for some drivers to be influenced into getting a dash cam.

They can be used as an anti-theft device, as they can record overnight and be monitored via your personal devices. The more high-tech the dash cam you purchase, the more features it will include. This can range from longer battery life, better picture quality and in some cases night vision lenses.

In more recent times dash cams have been used for more vocational things, such as capturing road trip footage. Marketers are aiming to offer a dual purpose for these dash cams to make them more appealing to a wider audience; this tactic seems to be working as overall dashboard camera sales are constantly rising.

Do I really need one?

This is a personal question, one must consider the place in which they live, drive and where they leave their cars for extended periods of time. Dash cams are a great advantage for car-based jobs, such as delivery drivers and taxi divers. The real benefits of this product can be seen if you use your car a lot and experience road based dramas on a daily basis.

With regards to the new way of marketing this product to users as a fun way to get footage of road trips, this is very questionable. Dash cams can be an expensive investment, reducing their target market if they are not deemed vital to the user. Some models now incorporate a sat-nav system, allowing the user to track and record routes so they can be used again. This is a cost effective solution to two, potentially necessary, car accessories.

The true value of the dash cam is ultimately down to the customer. If you see the benefit of having the technology to help you prove accidents or use it as evidence then it is a very valuable product. If you do not use your car that much, live in rural areas or places with a lesser volume of traffic, then maybe you would not see the benefit of purchasing one. Nevertheless, safety is key and those customers with safety at the forefront of their mind should definitely consider purchasing a dash cam.

Final thoughts

Dashboard cameras have a lot of potential benefits it is for the user to decipher how these can come to light. If you are worried about theft or safety issues your dash cam can be used to monitor who is lurking around your car, home or place of work. This can be used as evidence and shown to the security or police to help stop similar issues occurring.

Whilst this is an extreme example, the user must think about the various benefits associated with having a dash cam before purchasing one. The price range for a dash cam can vary, be sure you have considered all the options out there and their features before committing to one. It is also important to consider their warranty agreements, battery life and additional extras before purchasing a dash cam.