Dacia Bigster SUV (2025): Possible Series Optics

Dacia is penetrating the C-segment for the first time with a larger SUV: The Bigster Concept has now been rendered with series optics, but will probably not come until 2025.

It seems a bit strange when you consider that it is only the beginning of 2021. Nevertheless, Dacia has already started the teaser campaign for a new model, which will only be released in the middle of Should come on the market in the decade. Precisely, the Bigster will probably not hit before the end of 2024 / beginning of 2025. And it will do that along with an equivalent of Lada.

For a new C-segment SUV (Dacia’s largest car to date), the Romanian and Russian manufacturers will use the CMF-B platform from parent company Renault. Up to 85 per cent of identical parts are expected.

Motor.es have now started their rendering machinery and created a possible series look for the Bigster without the typical concept car tinsel.

Front Bumper with Parking Sensors and Camera

The functional SUV is now equipped with, among other things, more modest-looking headlights that are more reminiscent of the new Sandero. There are also traditional door handles at the rear instead of the “hidden” units on the show car near the C-pillar.

The front bumper was supplemented with parking sensors and a camera, as you would expect on a production car. You can also see that the angular wheel arches have been designed more thoroughly in the side view.

Other measures that take away a bit of the car’s revamped study vibe include modified exterior mirrors and less noticeable wheels.

Independent of this, Denis Le Vot, CEO and Executive Vice-President of the Dacia and Lada brands, told the Romanian magazine Automarket that the more modern brand logo on the Bigster will not adorn a production model for the time being. The Duster’s facelift, which is likely to appear in 2022, will also retain the emblem introduced in 2008.

As for the name “Bigster”, Dacia admitted it was chosen during a short brainstorming session on the espresso machine during a break. Whether it stays, that way is another question. After all, a lot can still happen between now and 2025. A hybrid drive has been announced for Dacia’s first foray into the C segment. The car would then be positioned above the Duster.

What else is happening at Dacia at the moment?

As you can see in the roadmap under this paragraph, Dacia is also planning two new B-segment cars. One of them for next year, the other for 2024. It is still unclear what these vehicles will look like, but rumours have already spread about a seven-seater “Grand Duster”. To what extent that always makes sense is a legitimate question. After all, a more oversized Duster would kick the next higher Bigster hard on the feet.