Coolest Futuristic Car Features

light trails on city road

Modern cars are incredible, and are filled with technology that has brought them further forward into the future faster than anyone could have imagined.

The twenty-first century has well and truly arrived in the car world, with some of the biggest advancements in technology happening in the automotive industry. Here we are going to look at some of the coolest futuristic car features that you can find on some of the newest car models available.

Self-Driving Vehicles

One of the biggest and most high-profile developments in the automotive industry is self-driving capabilities. Though these were probably made most famous by a certain American Electric car maker, this feature is now finding its way on to gas-guzzling cars from around the world.

Though still in its infancy, self-driving looks set to become the must-have feature for all cars in the future, letting drivers relax a little while they commute as the car does all the hard work for them.

Cameras Everywhere, Inside and Out

Cameras are everywhere nowadays, and cars are no exception. The earliest in car cameras were focused on giving drivers a better view when reversing, but they can now be found all around and inside vehicles.

A popular feature in new cars is Blind spot monitoring. This can often be found as a simple indicating light on your mirror or dashboard to tell you there is a car in your blind spot, and the latest cars are taking this a step further and offering a real-time view of your car’s blind spots when you indicate you are making a turn.

Constant Connectivity and Entertainment

These days we are all constantly connected to the online world through our phones and their apps, but getting into a car used to mean losing that precious connection to social media and entertainment.

Automakers have responded to this by adding 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity to some of their latest models, so wherever you go, the internet goes with you. You can now catch the latest Netflix series on the move, or keep updated on Facebook with mobile internet connectivity in your car.

Voice Recognition (That Actually Works!)

Voice recognition has long been a holy grail that many technology companies have tried long and hard to perfect, and now it looks like it has finally arrived in our home and cars.

Gadgets like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home have become a popular piece of technology to have in the home, and this voice recognition software has made its way into the latest car models. Now you can tell your car to change the radio station, call friends and family on the phone, or change the temperature of your air con.

Security Systems that Monitor Your Car and Send You Alerts

With all these expensive, exclusive must-have features, car security has become even more important. Now, cars can keep you up-to-date with their status, just like a friend on Facebook, sending you notifications and even pictures and videos of any suspicious activity. Combined with GPS tracking, if the worst happens and your car is stolen, it will let you know, keep you updated on its whereabouts, and even send you live pictures and video of its thieves!

Cars are often at the forefront of technological developments, and the latest cars are no exception. You can find some of the most cutting-edge technology in the world in the latest cars to hit the market.