Steps for Choosing a Reliable Used Car for Your Family

Used Car

What sells a used car for you? If you’re like most people, there is some style aspect that really grabs you at the moment. Of course, all boxes have to be ticked first in order for that particular vehicle to be a frontrunner.

In this case, you’re buying a family vehicle. You want a dependable used car that you can count on to keep everyone safe out there on the road.

How safe is the Used Car?

Safety is the key word here. Look at safety ratings, but don’t stop there. Check for factory recalls. If there are any, see if they have been taken care of when you are looking at individual vehicles. When you buy a new car, factory recalls haven’t been issued, yet. That means you’re at an advantage in terms of safety specs when buying a used car.

Safety is the top priority. That said, you’re actually better off if you compile a short list of makes and models based on the best safety ratings. The next thing you might want to do is look at how the vehicles hold their value. Take to Kelly Blue Book and see what you’re looking at in terms of pricing.

Used Car Performance

Now it’s time to look at overall vehicle performance. At this point, you can also look at individual features of vehicles that stand out to you. What are you looking for in a family vehicle? Maybe you want that extra roomy interior, and perhaps you are searching for an extra-large trunk space.


Have you thought about how much car you’re going to be able to afford? You’re definitely going to have to take that into consideration. There is a big difference between buying a Chevy Equinox and a Land Rover Range Rover. Yet in this case, looking at used vehicles may mean that you’re able to afford the high end car, truck or SUV.

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Take Everyone to the Dealership

You know what you can afford. And might I suggest something else. You’re going to be shopping with your partner, but I do in fact suggest that you take the entire family along. The kids will be excited, and they will help you get the salesman off your back. They will also pile in there with you to check out how each vehicle feels for the entire family as you are getting ready to hit the road.

When you’re buying a family vehicle, it’s always best to bring the whole family along, if you can. Each person will have his or her input, and you just never know what’s going to really stand out. Of course, the adults are the decision makers, and you and your partner are going to choose the best family vehicle.

Final Words

Since you’re buying a used ‘newer’ car, you’re going to get a good deal. That said, don’t assume that every sticker price is fair. What’s fair game is negotiation. Take your dad hat off for a moment and put your game face on. It’s time to buy a family vehicle. You want one that is safe, comfortable and fun for your family.

Image Credits: Used Car from Mikbiz /Shutterstock