Car Mechanics 101: Auto Parts That You Need To Know

Car Mechanics

Driving a car brings relaxation and pleasure, especially in this modern world where everyone always seems to be on the move. But sitting on the driver seat and peddling the carís speed control doesnít necessarily mean that youíre a good driver.

Having excellent driving skills as well as the ability to maintain and repair the damaged part is extremely important. Having a clear understanding of car auto parts can help you fix minor and major faults. Eventually, this will save you lots of money and time. So, what are some of these parts? Dig my ride and know these important auto car parts.


Cars usually feature a rechargeable battery, which is responsible for supplying power/electric energy. Normally, this battery is referred to as Starting, Lighting, as well as ignition SLI. And that battery alone can ignite your car.

However, you should cautious about lead-acid batteries as they may drain completely. This 9is especially true when the carís headlights are left on. So, itís important that you switch off your car lights when you arenít using them.


Typically, cars come with two different types of braking systems: service brakes and emergency brakes.

Modern cars utilize a hydraulic braking system, so be careful when handling them and enjoy a pleasant driving experience. Good maintenance wonít only save you substantial amounts of money but will also save your life.

Fuel Injector

This is the part that drives gas from the vehicleís tank to the engine. Using it increases the efficiency of diesel plus other gas engines. By cleaning the fuel injector regularly, youíll be improving your carís lifespan.


A car often comprises of six pistons. They mix the fuel plus air before ignition. The higher the speed of these cylinders, the number of Rotations Per Minute (RPM). With a well-maintained piston system, your carís performance will be smooth and highly efficient. Plus, the level of fuel consumption will be reduced significantly.

A/C Compressor

The A/C compressor controls the air (both cold and hot) functioning inside your car. Leaky seals can severely damage the A/C compressor, so be keen to avoid this. Poor lubrication can also break it down.


Commonly known for heat exchange, the radiator plays a significant role in your carís overall functionality. It distributes heat from one point to another, preventing overheating.

If youíre experiencing frequent leaks in the radiator, consider flushing the coolant as it might have malfunctioned. Another possibility is that the radiator has rusted and needs to be replaced.

 Engine Fan

While the radiator is responsible for maintaining temperature, the Engine Fan supplies the required amount of air. It continuously delivers air to stabilize the carís temperature.


The clutch is an important mechanism that serves as a bridge between power and transmission. In manual transmission cars, the clutch is usually operated by a clutch pedal, which is located 3rd from right amongst the three pedals.

When compared to an automatic transmission, the use of manual transmission (commonly referred to as stick shift), is more cost efficient and gives you full control over the vehicle.

Car Jack

Carjack is a simple device which helps in lifting the car when the spare tire is being changed. It employs a hydraulics power mechanism to lift the car, allowing you to change the tire whenever thereís need.

Spare Tire

The spare tire is a fundamental requirement provided in every car. Itís often provided for safety purposes. If your tire runs flat, for instance, you can utilize a carjack and replace the tire accordingly. Spare tires work just like the other tires and can cover a distance not less than seventy miles.


Other auto parts you should know include the transmission, shock absorbers, air filter, spark plug, catalytic converter, muffler, pressure gauge, alternator, and the power steering fluid. With all these car parts in mind, it becomes even easier fixing and repairing mechanical problems that could otherwise have left you wandering on the road.

Image Credits: Car Mechanics from Africa Studio/Shutterstock