BMW Concept Car: Grille Almost Non-Existing

BMW Concept Car by Designer Lukas Haas has done rounds on the networks, an update to one of his 2014 creations, taking the form of a supercar from the manufacturer BMW, bearing the surname “Connected Dynamics”.

His work is independent of the German marque. Still, it offers an original take on what could be the future styling of Bavarian vehicles, with a grille the opposite of what is done on current models.

After having criticized the massive grille that appeared on the new 3 Series and 4 Series, some enthusiasts of the BMW brand are finally beginning to accept the fate reserved by the designers of the Bavarian manufacturer’s models. But what if, on the other hand, they suddenly decide to back down and come up with a minimalist grille?

BMW Concept Car

In this imaginary setting, designer Lukas Haas offers us his interpretation of a brand’s futuristic concept car, which he has wholly thought out. Still, he incorporates some stylistic elements that immediately associate it with BMW. The horizontal lights which plunge gently towards a full grille forming a sketch of the famous “double bean”, with an air inlet at their base, obviously make one think of a minimalist vision of a front face of a vehicle struck by the propeller—Blue and white.

BMW Concept Car : Aerodynamic supercar
Aerodynamics is at the heart of this design project in the form of an almost single-volume supercar, featuring a very short nose extending into a flat, elongated body. Seen from above, the virtual prototype looks almost like a more compact GT by Citroën concept car, without the large beaver tail-shaped spoiler that protrudes widely at the rear. Lukas Haas’ futuristic supercar also shares its white hue with the very successful French concept, created for Gran Turismo 5 and unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 2008.

The powertrain chosen for the BMW “Connected Dynamics” concept car (a name that arguably refers to the BMW marketing name “Efficient Dynamics”) is arguably 100% electric. This mode of propulsion can be deduced from the view of the full grille and the absence of tailpipes at the rear of the futuristic supercar.

The current spirit of all the major car manufacturers is also in this direction, and it is no secret that the official BMW concept cars of the Vision series testify. According to its creator, the Haas vehicle could thus claim speeds of the order of 300 km / h with its streamlined shape and optimal aerodynamics.