Best Bike Under 80000 INR | Selecting The Right One!


The best bike under 80000 is considered to be one of the easiest ways to commute when it comes to any kind of trip. However, when the target audience is so huge, it becomes difficult to cater to the needs of a single product. What might be an advantage for one customer might not even be a considerable option for another? The vice versa stands true, too. A bike ride has different memories for different people. This is one reason which makes people opt for the best bike under 80,000 to have a brilliant experience. 

The Asian continent experiences a large chunk of the population realising the need of having their own vehicle at the time of need. When the question of having your own vehicle arises, the people opt for bikes before trying their hands on cars. Additionally, the automobile sector has many things to offer when an individual goes to buy a bike on a budget. Hence, the market witnesses a demand of the best bike under 80,000 for the people to pick the best suiting their budget. 

The research and survey of the different options available to you are important before making an investment because you are going to keep it for a long time, afterward. Below are some options if you wish to choose the best bike under 80,000 along with the features and detailing you should not be missing upon. 

List Of Best Bikes You Can Buy Under 80000 INR

If you are looking for the best bike under 80000 INR, this list is for you.

1. Honda CB Unicorn 150 (Best Bike Under 80000 INR)

Ideally, if you are looking for the best bike under 80,000, the Honda CB Unicorn 150 will be a conspicuous choice. You are surely going to find this name whenever you sit down to search for the best bikes under 80,000. Unicorn is accurately structured and circulated by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. for the Indian market. 

Honda has fueled this model with a 150cc motor with the most recent front line innovation to guarantee ground-breaking yet smooth execution.The powerful double suspension is all that could possibly be needed to guarantee greater dependability during the ride. The adjustable front and back pressure driven mono suspension gives solace to a wide range of landscape. 

What’s more, the long no-split froth padded seat guarantees solace to you and your friends and family, particularly when you both are on a long enjoyment ride. The top notch quality elastic covered tire on the two wheels guarantees a strong hold on any surface. Additionally, both of the tires are tubeless that implies prompt fixing isn’t required; you can drive hustle openly for some additional time. 

One of the most important features of the bike is the eco-friendliness. The motor of this specific model is intended to spare fuel. Furthermore, it is accounted for to accomplish 65 kmpl of mileage consolidated in the city as well as the expressways. In the event that you are a customary rider, at that point you may have encountered that occasionally you need to stop your vehicle out of nowhere to take out the danger of mishaps, the braking system comes to the rescue. 

Approximate pricing: Ranging around 72,000

What to look forward to: 

  • This bike is very much fuel-efficient and can help you save on the petrol expenses 
  • A tough yet smart look for the roads

2. Bajaj Avenger Street 160

Bajaj Avenger Street 160 has uniquely structured distinctly for the Indian market under the brand name of Bajaj auto. This robust best bike under 80000 is fueled with 160 cc twin-flash DTS-I motor to make you drive like the best on the road. Moreover, this cruiser is stuffed with double suspension in order to provide greater dependability while confronting any little or enormous knocks. 

The solid adjustable front suspension joined with twin back suspension guarantees you a smooth ride on any territory. The exceptionally structured long and low seat guarantees extreme solace to you and your friends and family, particularly at whatever point you are on a ride. 

The extraordinary plan comfort makes this bike stand apart from other best bikes under the budget of 80,000 which are accessible in India. This enormous wheelbase of 1480 mm alongside satisfactory ground freedom keeps up the best possible equalization while you are out and about. 

Also, Avenger accompanies a tubeless tire that implies you can proceed with your excursion for a particular time much after it’s punctured. At the point when it is about the ride, at that point wellbeing is likewise a significant part. Remembering this, Bajaj has uncommonly planned this cruiser with single-channel ABS to forestall abrupt wheel bolting and dispose of the hazard factors.

Approximate pricing: Touching a price of 80,000 

What to look forward to: 

  • A look which is sporty and adaptable by the young generation too
  • Safety while overtaking due to the presence of the pass light feature 
  • Handlebar for street controlling

3. Hero Xtreme Sports

Time and again the Hero Motocorp brand has come up with something to not only impress but also benefit their customer base. Be it the Activas or the bikes, there is something with Hero which the customers tend to look up to. Hence, when you are looking for the best bikes under the budget of 80,000, Hero too, as a brand has something in store for you. 

Hero Xtreme Sports is considered to be another best bike under 80000 owing to its excellent features as well as a reasonable value run. The Hero brand name has planned this bike, particularly to make you a stride in front of the normal city traffic. This model is outfitted with the double suspension to guarantee enduring solace for you and your friends and family while driving. 

The adjustable pressure-driven front suspension is sufficient to dispense with the jerks brought about by the bothersome knocks. The gas supply back suspension assists with keeping up the equalization during the ride. The froth padded solace split seat guarantees extreme solace, particularly when you are on a long ride. 

This model is the correct blend of intensity and style proficiently structured and dispersed by Hero MotoCorp Ltd. Saint has fueled this model with a 150cc motor alongside 15.6 BHP to take the pickup of 0 to 60 inside simply 4.7 seconds. What’s more, Xtreme Sports is furnished with a Single chamber motor (2 valves), air-cooled motor, wet multi-plate grasp, and a 5-speed transmission to offer you definitive riding experience. In addition, Hero Glamor accompanies tubeless tires for the two wheels. 

The performance of this bike left many individuals and customers impressed. Hence, this was being considered as the best bike under 80,000 in the year 2018. 

Approximate pricing: The Hero Xtreme Sports touches to a market value floating around a round figure of 80,000 

What to look forward to: 

  • The features speak for themselves in exchange for the price of the commodity 
  • Durability in the bikes design 
  • Handlebars as well as the console along with a side stand indicator is another advantage 

4. Bajaj Pulsar 150 Bike Under 80000 INR

Bajaj Pulsar 150 is the all-rounder two-wheeler when it comes to purchasing the best bike under 80000. 

It is viewed as one of the best bikes for any customer with a budget of Rs. made by the best 80,000. This is a cruiser bike that has been introduced in the market by Bajaj Auto Limited. This is a superb and lively two-wheeler that is fueled with a 150cc DTS-I motor in order to help up the general execution regardless of what the territory you are taking your bike to drive to. 

In addition, Pulsar 150 is stuffed with premium quality elastic covered tubeless tires on the two wheels to guarantee a strong grasp on any landscape. 

Additionally, the ground-breaking single chamber (2 valves) air-cooled motor is aced by a wet multi-plate grip instrument as well as a 5-speed transmission that makes you stride in front of the city traffic. 

Security is the principal matter of worry for each individual in each part of life. All things considered, with regards to your ride, at that point it is a vital matter of concern remembering this Bajaj Auto Limited has particularly controlled this model with a certain kind of mechanism that is known to be a form of a joined stopping mechanism for safe braking on any street. 

Besides this Pulsar 150 has accounted for the achievement of the mileage of approx 65 kmpl. Now this is a pretty high level when compared to the other bikes doing around a similar range of Rs. 80,000. Another prominent element of this bike of the Bajaj brand is the strong shading and designs that give it an ideal streetfighter look. 

This model is splendidly made with an instrument cluster of illustrations and carbon fiber accents with a view to provide it with an iconic outlook.

Approximate Pricing: The showroom price relatively revolves around Rs. 71,000. 

What to look forward to: 

  • This best bike under 80,000 is no less than a proper combination of great power as well as iconic features 
  • This bike also promises a good level of fuel efficiency, so you can indirectly do good for others and the environment, too.

5. Honda CB Shine SP Bike

This is a famous all-rounder two-wheeler that is made and introduced in the market by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. This model is recognized as the best bike under 80,000 in India owing to different reasons. simply because of its reasonableness and lively looks. This bicycle is controlled with 125 cc four-stroke SI-motor to support up the on-street execution. 

The Honda Shine Bike has an engine that is a single-cylinder as well as an air-cooled one. This is mastered by the multi-plate clutch along with a  5-speed transmission. The tubeless premium quality elastic covered tires on the two wheels thus providing an ability to hold on any landscape on which it is being driven upon. 

This model is outfitted with the in fact structured double suspension to guarantee extra solace to you along with your co-passenger on the bike. The adjustable fronts that are combined with the spring-stacked pressure-driven back suspension are sufficient to a greater level in order to dispense with all the jerks caused by numerous reasons on the road. 

Also, the long froth padded seat is outfitted with this model to give durable solace, particularly when you are on a long ride. The joined stopping mechanism is another basic element that assists with standing apart from other top 10 bikes under 80000. On top of that, this model of Shine arrangement is known to accomplish a mileage of around 65 kmpl. 

Because of less fuel utilization, it very well may be a furious contender to other top bicycles in our rundown of under 80000. Another notable component of this bike is the general look and lively designs. Honda CB Shine SP is accessible in five shading variations with circle or drum front braking alternatives. 

The Hero SP is accessible in five shading variations with plate or drum front braking choices.

Approximate Pricing: This bike ranges around an approximate amount of Rs. 65,000

What to look forward to: 

  • A relatively strong bike which has a great performance history 
  • Significant and ideal when it comes to fuel efficiency 
  • Has both the self as well as the kick start mechanism 
  • Some inclusions ensure extra durability of this best bike under 80,000

6. Yamaha SZ RR V2.0 (Best Bike Under 80000 INR)

Yamaha SZ RR V2.0 is uncommonly intended for the Indian clients by Yamaha Motor India. This best bike under 80,000 is not less than a beast on the roads. This is a two-wheeler that is pressed with a 150 cc four-store motor so that you are able to make your way and thus lead the street. 

In addition to this, the Yamaha SZ RR V2.0 is controlled with a solitary chamber air-cooled motor alongside the wet multi-plate-circle grasp and 5-speed transmission for better execution out and about. 

Along these lines, the huge wheelbase of 1320 mm with adequate ground leeway guarantees the best possible equalization of the vehicle. Besides, the back tubeless tire alongside the excellent elastic coat and the predominant quality front tire gives an ideal hold on any territory regardless of what the condition is. 

There are many clients who tend to look for reasons why they should choose the Yamaha SZ RR V2.0. Questions like is it really worth it? Or what makes it one of the best bikes under the budget of Rs. 80,000? The appropriate response to this is quite clear: that is the general execution as well as the highlights. These 2 form the sole purpose behind this accomplishment. 

This model is outfitted with the double suspension to dispose of the different kinds of jerks that are likely to be experienced on the roads. In fact, the redesigned front bumper and the lightweight single-loop back suspension is sufficient for your agreeable and a very soothing ride even though it is with the pillion rider. 

At the point when it is about your wellbeing, at that point this could be the most ideal alternative to guarantee you and your adored one’s security. The propelled front circle brake is sufficient to stop your vehicle when it’s required most.

Approximate Pricing: The market value in order to claim this bike revolves around an estimate of Rs. 70,000

What to look forward to:

  • Fuel efficiency 
  • Powerful engine 
  • The vehicle is not heavy at all 

7. Bajaj Pulsar 125

At times brand name or picture is sufficient to buy their item decisively. Bajaj Pulsar 125 is the clear name as the best bike under 80,000.  

This model is recognized to be the conceivable best bike for the people who have a budget ranging in between Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 80,000. This best bike under 80000 is unequivocally structured and put up in the market under proper competition by the Bajaj Auto Limited. This is the Bajaj bike which is controlled with a 125cc DTS-I motor so as to give a push to the overall capacity and strength of this model. 

Keeping in mind the performance on the roads, various things have been taken into consideration while designing this Bajaj bike. The tubeless tires on the two wheels are an incredible element that may interest many buyers. Also, the single-chamber (2-valves) air-cooled motor that is in combination with a 5-speed transmission framework is sufficient enough for others to follow your path. 

At the point when it is an issue of security, Bajaj has constantly planned its bikes with the most ideal wellbeing measures. This is a commendable thing for sure. The exclusively planned anti-skid which is combined with the braking system viably causes you to encounter a protected, soft and smooth ride. 

Presently, the most essential thing is mileage as this also concerns many potential buyers. The Bajaj Pulsar 125 is accounted to accomplish the mileage of 62 kmpl which is quite strikingly high for the various kinds of sports bikes under a range of 80,000 being accessible in India. 

The neon shading and designs give it a remarkable standpoint contrasting with different kin of the Pulsar family. The superbly planned shading co-ordinated logo and snatch rail give another energetic look to this model. 

The strongly structured headlamp combined with twin pilot lights causes you to put some fire out and about. This model accompanies three accessible tinges with a drum/circle stopping mechanism. It’s hard to find all of these things in a single two-wheeler. 

Approximate Pricing: The Bajaj Pulsar 125 is available in the market in a range revolving around Rs. 64,000. If the overall features, functions and the outlook is to be taken into consideration, this bike is a good deal in exchange for the price. All the people who are looking for options should surely keep this Bajaj Pulsar model into consideration. 

What to look forward to: 

  • Outlook and performance are a matter of consideration. Should not be missed. 
  • Sharp design which comes along with a good braking and stopping system. 3 colour variants available as per the customers choice.
  • Digital speedometer 
  • Contoured seating for comfort 
  • Is not heavy. Has light weight. 

With so many options and alternatives doing rounds in the market, as a customer, one should feel privileged that so many brands are working to provide them with the best bike under 80000. All they as individuals need to do is do their homework of researching and investigating properly before investing for the best bike under 80000.